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Dating A EuroMillions Winner


Awkward Couple

Jane Park (now 20), is Britain’s first EuroMillions lottery winner. She became a millionaire in 2012 when she scooped a £1 million EuroMillions jackpot. The young lady is under pressure these days as her boyfriend, Connor George (21) is about to leave for a week holiday in sunny Ibiza (no girlfriends allowed).                

This fact apparently made the young millionaire lady quite uncomfortable as she came up with an ingenious way to keep other girls away from her boyfriend while he is away on the sunny beaches of Ibiza with his lads. She managed to think of 20 (twenty) hilarious rules Connor should follow while trying to enjoy his time away from her. Here are the funniest ones:

Rule 1 - No speaking to girls

Although she didn’t specify if this includes personnel as well, we don’t recommend that Connor asks the air-hostesses anything. Not even for a glass of water. Better thirsty and safe than watered and single (is it?). If you’re not sure how this will work, just take a look at Rule #5 (Try avoid eye contact with girls at all times). See, I told you.

Rule 2 - No photos with girls – including group pics

OK, Connor, this is easy. Just ask the hundreds of chicks on the beach to get the hell out of the background because you are about to take a picture of you and the lads enjoying a cold beer. Oh wait, you have to see if beer is on the “allowed drinks” list first…

Rule 8 -  No drugs, I will pee sample you upon return

Now that’s a rule that deserves applause. Although I genuinely wonder what else in the world are you going to do in Ibiza if you’re not allowed to drink and/or look at other women, let alone talk to one? I would personally want to kill myself. Is this on the list?

Rule 18 - Don’t be anywhere naked and I mean anywhere

Wait… Not on the beach? Not in the shower? Come on, Jane, have some mercy! That’s unless you want him to answer a question that goes something like “What’s the craziest thing you’ve done with your shirt on?” Hint: You don’t want to know the answer.

Rule 19 - Wear your girlfriend shirt

This one even has a section 2 (as if we didn’t get the main point): the tshirt shall be worn at all times including the shower. Said tshirt features two images of Jane plus a relatively small text saying, “If you are reading this… You are too close to my boyfriend”. No comment.

Rule 20 - Be safe, enjoy yourself, because it’s the last lads holiday you’ll be on

Wait a minute. Does Jane know how attractive Connor will look in the eyes of the hundreds (if not thousands) of tipsy Ibiza girls now that he is a Facebook super boyfriend star? Just asking.

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