Why are Lotteries So Popular?

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Gambling has been omnipresent in society for at least 5,000 years and quite possibly longer than that. From throwing stones against a wall to online betting in 2018, gambling has certainly changed over time. Although dice are still part of various types of gambling, the scope and range of betting activities has increased a thousand-fold. According to the stats, Lottery is the most popular form of gambling today. The key to the success of lotteries these days is the ability to bet online.


Gambling through the ages

The oldest finds of tools used for gambling date all the way back to 3000BC, providing evidence that the dream of winning big has been a common thread in humanity for thousands of years. Those early indicators of a gambling culture were six-sided dice found in Mesopotamia. We also know that gambling houses existed in China around 1000BC, with playing cards showing up in the same country in the 9th century and lotto games in the 10th.

In the Middle Ages, card games had spread to Europe and were adopted by members of the aristocracy.  It was followed by the first roulette tables in French gaming houses and about the 17th century, the first ‘modern’ state lotteries emerged. At the time, these were supposed to plug the gigantic holes in the budgets of lavish dynasties. Lotteries like EuroMillions serve a rather different purpose nowadays.


Lotto playing is more popular than ever

Although lotteries are the most important sector of state gambling and, of course, states around the world are still generating tremendous revenue from them, these are no longer used for budgetary purposes. As a general rule, somewhere between 50 and 70% of lottery purchases are distributed to players in the form of winnings. The rest usually goes to charities or taxation. Needless to say, the odds of winning a lotto jackpot are not particularly good, but there are a few features which make lotteries like EuroMillions the most popular gambling game around:

- Even the smallest of bets can lead to jackpots in the millions

- The risk of substantial loss is minimal

- There is a significantly lower risk of addiction compared to other types of gambling

- The draw of the winning numbers is always under the supervision of a notary and is thus protected against gambling fraud, which is not necessarily the case in areas such as sports betting

Lotteries allow people to dream of hitting the jackpot and the low risk of major financial loss makes them appear in a different light to other variants of gambling.


EuroMillions can easily be played from the sofa

Large lotteries such as EuroMillions offer a significant advantage, which is also due to the digital and technical development of recent years: the possibility to play lotto on the Internet. Not so long ago, you had to pay a visit to your local shop in order to buy a ticket for the lottery. Nowadays, you can simply choose your numbers for the next draw from the comfort of your sofa at home, and the winning numbers can also be queried online. Missed winnings or lost tickets are no longer a concern when you play online.

Also, jackpot hunters on lottery websites receive all the latest lottery information such as the current amount of the jackpot, recent winning numbers, extraordinary special draws or even the rules of the game and odds of winning. What’s more, you can even save yourself the trip to the next lottery ticket office or the lottery centre if you have chosen correctly and landed a big prize - with an online account, all funds are automatically credited to the account of the winner.

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