The Trouble With Tickets

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 - 3 min Lesezeit

There are a thousand ways that lottery tickets can get lost. Scrunched up and run through the washing-machine in a pair of jeans. Stuffed down the back of the sofa. Thrown out along with last week’s newspapers and the shopping receipts. Not necessarily a problem, except when that ticket could be worth a million pounds.

The National Lottery this week appealed for a £1 million lottery winner to come forward to claim their prize. The lottery operators Camelot give winners 180 days to claim any prizes they have won, but thousands of winners don’t come forward every year. In fact right now there is a whopping £14 million plus in lottery prizes which have not yet been claimed. One person’s last chance to claim their winnings of £1 million expires tomorrow, and they may never know just how close they came to becoming a millionaire. (Perhaps that is for the best!)

Whenever a top lottery prize is not won, ticket-holders very often don’t realise that they might still have a winning combination of numbers. There are many different tiers of prizes, and these are the ones which are regularly unclaimed. While most of the time these are small value wins of around a fiver, sometimes a big fish slips through the net. The biggest unclaimed prize in the history of EuroMillions was a monster £63.8 million back in 2012. The ticket was purchased in Hertfordshire, but we may never know the name of the purchaser as nobody came forward in time to collect the jackpot amount.

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