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The Most Expensive Women’s Accessories


Young lady shopping for clothes

You must have heard that saying that women can never spend too much on accessories. Well, that is the absolute truth because no one tells you that being a stunning woman requires more than a fashionable hairstyle and a few elegant dresses!

If you (or your wife) hits the next EuroMillions’ jackpot, she will have the responsibility (and the duty!) to always be in pace with the latest trends in accessories, no matter how expensive they are.

As to the rest of us, we can only dream of having them… On the other hand, visualizing is the first step to achieving something, right? Let us pray that this worldly principle applies to the most expensive accessories for women as well!

Precious stones and shoes (killing two birds with one stone)

You probably thought that Carrie Bradshaw wears the most elegant and remarkable shoes, right? Wrong. You will change your mind in a second, I promise. How does 3 million dollars sound to you for a pair of Rita Hayworth heels decorated with diamonds, sapphire, and rubies? By the same token, you can also consider the ruby shoes of Dorothy from the “Wizard of Oz” that are covered with 1,350 carat genuine rubies and 50 carat diamonds. In reality, there are probably a few women that can afford such shoes, but will that stop you from dreaming? (Hint: No)

The handbag with capital H

The ideas that designers come up with when it comes to satisfying women’s whims for accessories are truly unbelievable. To illustrate this, I can tickle your senses with the Guinness’ most expensive handbag that costs (sigh) 3.8 million dollars. Although it should be banned from the eyesight of women, I can imagine that you will not be able to resist this ravishing piece of art – a magnificent gold purse encrusted with 4,517 genuine stones – 105 yellow diamonds, 56 pink ones and 4,356 colorless diamonds. I have no idea how many barrels of oil you should fill up and sell in order to become the proud owner of such a diamond mine.

Emphasize your glamorous identity with the perfect perfume

If you want to sweep everyone off their feet, then you need to leave a sensational trail behind you. Wearing a perfume that matches your (exquisite) identity is equally important as wearing the right accessories and clothes. Let’s put it in another way – if you want to leave envious grins behind your back, then Clive Christian Imperial Majesty Perfume is your secret weapon. For the price of $215,000, you get the most expensive perfume in the world, decorated with an 18 carat gold collar. And this is not all – a five carat diamond will catch your glimpse at once. The perfume is delivered in a French Baccarat crystal flacon, in an anebony velvet case decorated with gold and platinum.

In the light of the above-mentioned most expensive women’s accessories, who needs clothes? It is truly unbelievable how much money women are willing to spend when it comes to being a part of the crème de la crème, don’t you think?