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Lottery Winner Goes Gaga for Music Memorabilia

Big spending Adrian Bayford has decided to get back to the 9 to 5, as he plans to re-open a high end 2nd hand music shop. The big spending lottery winners intends his new store to hold, amongst other things, the largest selection of Lady Gaga memorabilia in the world. 

Trouble in Paradise

When Adrian Bayford and his wife Gillian banked £128 million (€190 million) – Britain's second highest jackpot – the couple were a picture of happiness. Photographed together the two sipped champagne and basked in limelight.

But it wasn't to last.

After 15 months as millionaires the two split up, with Adrian moving in with a new partner, 16 years his junior. The lavish lotto winner made the headlines on several occasions, when it was revealed he spent over £2 million on no less than 20 horses and a 35-acre arena, complete with stables for his new fiancée.

Having professed in their early days that the money wouldn't change them, Adrian continued to work in his music shop while Gillian stayed in her role as a nursing assistant. However, Adrian was forced to close the shop, which he had built up from a simple market stall, after being inundated with begging letters.

Previously Bayford had enjoyed manning the counter of his business and talking to customers.

Pastures New

Despite being forced out of his old shop, it seems as though Adrian has not given up on his passion for 2nd hand music memorabilia, and is using his mighty fortune to get back to his roots.

Bayford hopes to set up shop in Cambridge, trading music and film items, such as Beatles collections, props from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and of course Lady Gaga items.

A close friend told the media: "He loves music. It’s his total passion. Traditionally he was more into rock. But he loves a bit of pop and disco and has been hooked on Gaga since she broke."

Despite potential jokes from his mates, Adrian intends the shop to be the world's largest collection of 2nd hand Lady Gaga items, including dresses, vinyl, shoes and more.

Looking to add the kind of glitz a lotto winner gets accustom to, he hopes to have a rock star present at the shop's grand opening, with Rod Stewart rumoured to be at the top of his list.

The Simple Things…

Despite his bumper bank balance, Bayford still just wants to be behind the counter of his own business. Of course, the millions of pounds at his disposal does mean he can get a Rod Stewart to turn up for the grand opening, but aside that it really is the simple things in life that make us happy.

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