The Catering Girls Dine Out on a Big Syndicate Win

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A Welsh lottery syndicate cracked the EuroMillions jackpot this month. £25.4 million (28.7 million euros) will be divided between six female colleagues. Betting together is not only more fun, it also increases your chances of winning! As no doubt the girlfriends from Cardiff would be happy to confirm! We explain what you should consider when betting in a lottery syndicate.

Julie Saunders, Doreen Thompson (both 56), Louise Ward (37), Sian Jones (54) and Julie Amphlett (50) all work together. The sixth member of the group is 73-year-old Jean Cairns, a retired restaurant manager.

The six women, who have already been dubbed the "Catering Girls", work together in the kitchen of a hospital. Shortly before the draw on 3 November, team leader Julie Saunders quickly picked the numbers 5, 12, 17, 33 and 41, as well as the star numbers 4 and 9 on their EuroMillions ticket. She then asked her husband to buy the ticket for her, as all of the syndicate members were working. These hurriedly selected numbers have now completely turned the lives of the six friends upside down.

Long-cherished dreams come true

In an official ceremony, the ladies received a giant cheque for their winnings and told the press what they plan to do with their new-found millions now.

This band of good-humoured ladies has already made some exciting plans for their profits. Julie A. has a new house, a car, handbags and shoes in her sights. Doreen will travel to Florida with her family and Julie S. plans to travel to Las Vegas. "I always wanted to go to Vegas. Now I have the cash to feed the one-armed bandits. Maybe I'll win again! ", she said with a laugh.

Almost missed out

Louise had joined the group last and almost missed out on the multi-millions win. As she is getting married next year in March, she had considered leaving the syndicate to save money. Now, of course, she is very happy that she decided to continue playing with her friends at EuroMillions. She has also upgraded her plans to make it a real dream wedding ceremony!

Forward thinking

At this point we should take a moment to talk about the meaning of a lottery contract. Because Louise was lucky, she remained loyal to her group and is now happily sharing the jackpot with her colleagues. However, the lottery world is full of stories in which there was no happy ending, when people miss a payment or drop out of a group just before a win arrives. To avoid disappointments and disputes, we recommend making clear agreements. The amount to bet and when payment is due, as well as how any winnings will be divided should always be clarified in advance - and preferably in writing. Each member of the syndicate should take home a copy of this contract, which should also include the names of the people involved and the stakes.

Advantages of a EuroMillions syndicate

Let's summarize once again the merits of a syndicate. Playing together with friends, work colleagues or family members helps to bring people together. It's fun, you can look forward to the draw together and dream of landing those winning numbers.

Since you share the cost of the lottery tickets, you can make more bets for less money. By doing this, you will obviously increase your chances of winning.

It is also possible to join a lottery syndicate when you are betting online with Lottoland. This is easy and convenient, and there are no worries about losing the ticket.  To participate in a virtual syndicate all you have to do is choose the desired number of shares. After the EuroMillions draw you will receive a notification of the result by e-mail. Any profits you share with the other members of the syndicate. What are you waiting for? 



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