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How to spend the new Superdraw EuroMillions jackpot in less than a week


Shopping spree

As you know, EuroMillions introduced some game changes that will go into effect on 24th September 2016. One of these changes, namely the bigger Superdraw EuroMillions jackpot, got us into thinking that it might be more difficult for an inexperienced spender to get rid of such a juicy sum of €130 million (£100 million). That's why we asked some of the worst spendthrifts we know to tell us how to spend such a jaw-dropping sum and we even gave them a time limit!

So, here's how to spend the new Superdraw EuroMillions jackpot of €130 million (£100 million) in less than a week:

1. Get the Rolling Stones to sing “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” for 3 hours a day

If you love the legends from The Rolling Stones (who doesn't?), you can get them to perform a private show for you and your friends at the cost of $7 million per hour. At least that's what David Bonderman, an investor from Texas, did as a present to himself on his 60th birthday in 2002. Well, you can ask them to sing any other hit you want (at least they have A LOT of them), but wouldn't it be amazing to listen to I Can't Get No Satisfaction over and over again (played in original!) just because you can afford it?

2. Sign Cristiano Ronaldo For A Year

Ronaldo makes a little less than £80 million per year so he may consider an offer to be your flatmate for a year if you give him your newly won Superdraw EuroMillions jackpot (preferably in advance). I wouldn't be so sure about this move, though, as the guy has really high living standards and he may spend the money in less than a few months, leaving you both in a rather unpleasant roomie situation.

3. Hang “The Scream” By Edvard Munch On You Wall

The famous painting by Edvard Munch costs $119.9 million which still leaves you a little less than £10 million to buy a proper mansion to hand the painting in. Besides, it is not a single piece but a quartet of executions of the same scene, so you should keep on playing EuroMillions and hit even more jackpots to complete the whole collection!