How to Check EuroMillions Results

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The EuroMillions lottery draw is conducted twice a week with the draws taking place every Tuesday and Friday in Paris at 20:45 CET. There are 5 main numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 additional stars from 1 to 12. The jackpot, ranging from a minimum of €17 million all the way up to €190 million, is won only by matching all 5 main and 2 bonus numbers. If you don’t manage to win the top prize, there are another 12 winning categories to play for (with the jackpot there are 13 prize tiers in total), and financial costs ranging from a few euros to millions. The amount of winnings depends on how many numbers the player can guess correctly. The smallest prize category is paid out if you can match just major numbers and 0 stars. The breakdown of the EuroMillions lottery winning categories can be found here.


How do you Verify the EuroMillions Results?

If you are betting on EuroMillions online with Lottoland, you have the great advantage of getting the EuroMillions draw results sent straight to you. They are automatically sent by email by Lottoland to its members and in this email you will find out what numbers were drawn, how many of them you matched and whether you have any winnings. If you are lucky enough to guess a few numbers and get one of the 13 prizes, the winning amount will pop up in your player's account. You can then spend it on other games, especially if it's a smaller amount, or you can ask for it to be sent to your bank account or card.


Check Past Results

You can also find the results of past draws on the online lottery betting site. These can be found in the section called Results. In addition to the numbers of the most recent draw, you will also find a specific breakdown of winnings - the number of winners on each prize tier plus information on how much money they have won. On this page you will also be able to check older results. Just select the specific date and year for the draw that you want to check. The archive goes all the way back to the first EuroMillions draw in 2006 so you can check the details of any draw you are interested in.


Check Your Results with Checker!

Whether you have won or not, you can quickly and easily check the result on this site in the Checker section. Simply enter your five main numbers and two bonus numbers and click the ‘Check Numbers’ button. You will instantly be informed how many numbers you have matched and whether you have won a prize. Not only that, but the checker will also tell you exactly how much you have won. You also have the option to change the draw date to check the results from previous weeks.

Now go ahead and check those numbers – you never know!

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