10 Fantastic Facts about Belgium

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The biggest EuroMillions rollover jackpot of 2017 has finally been won, with a lucky punter in Belgium boosting their bank balance by the sum of €153.8 million (£134.8 million). Well, let’s face it, he or she could probably buy a bank with a win like that! That is the 33rd  time that the tiny country of Belgium has produced a EuroMillions jackpot winner, with this being the biggest win of the lot.

In honour of the latest Belgian win, we present 10 interesting facts about Belgium which you may not have known:

ONE: There are more than 800 different types of beer which come from Belgium. Sounds like a pretty good place to celebrate a jackpot win!

TWO: Belgium is justifiably famous for its chocolate, so much so that Brussels airport sells more chocolate than anywhere else in the world.

THREE: Belgium came up with the name ‘Euro’ for the new European currency, and they also invented the ‘€’ symbol.

FOUR: There are more castles per square kilometre in Belgium than anywhere else in the world.

FIVE: Just some of the things invented by Belgians include: the Body Mass Index; saxophone; cricket(!); the stock exchange; roller skates and plastic.

SIX: The tallest man in Europe is Belgian (Alain Delaunois, 7’5”) and the biggest newborn baby ever was born in Belgium (Samuel Timmerman, born 2006 with length 57cm and weight 5.4kg).

SEVEN: The diamond capital of the world is Antwerp in Belgium. Perhaps our new lottery millionaire will be paying a visit pretty soon?

EIGHT: Love them or hate them, Brussels sprouts do actually come from Brussels, where they have been cultivated for more than 400 years.

NINE: Belgium is one of the most welcoming countries in the world, based on the fact that it grants more new citizenships per capita than anywhere except Canada.

TEN: Europe’s first casino was opened in Belgium, and the town of Spa was the origin of the health spas we know today.

For a small country, Belgium has a surprising amount going on. It’s definitely worthwhile taking a weekend trip to beautiful towns like Bruges and Antwerp if you get the chance. No doubt our Belgian EuroMillions winner will be planning some pretty luxurious holidays over the next weeks and months as finances is not going to be an issue for that fortunate person. For the rest of us the EuroMillions jackpot re-sets to €17 Million, and you can always have a crack for the chance to become the next Euro-millionaire.

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