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Family lottery syndicate becomes €70m richer thanks to EuroMillions

EuroMillions draw that took place on Friday 29th July made a family lottery syndicate obscenely rich thanks to the whopping EuroMillions jackpot of £61 million (approx. €70.4 million). It was about time somebody won this incredible jackpot – after 6 rollovers it entered the top ten of the biggest jackpots ever given away by the EuroMillions draw!

The lucky numbers 1, 21, 26, 40 and 50, plus Lucky Stars 2 and 4 were the winning combination for Stephanie Davies, her boyfriend Steve Powell, her sister Courtney, their mum Sonia, and Sonia’s partner Keith Reynolds, all from Monmouthshire in Wales. If they split the jackpot evenly (which is what will most probably happen), they will get over £12 million each! Not bad for 1/5th of a single EuroMillions line ticket price, don’t you think?

They actually bought not one, but six Lucky Dip tickets for what would end up the luckiest EuroMillions draw in their lives. But they certainly had a good reason to do this! Stephanie’s mother, Sonia, had just gone through keyhole surgery in the USA and was feeling particularly lucky to have escaped sure death. “They told me that if it [the tumor] hadn’t been removed it would have been fatal – and at the very least I would have lost my voice within a year. They managed to give me the all clear straight after the operation, so as you would imagine, we were on cloud nine.”

It was Stephanie who found out first about their big win. She checked the winning ticket after a night out with friends and she was so overwhelmed by what she saw that she couldn’t stop crying and shaking. Even her boyfriend didn’t believe her but, after she assured him she was not joking, they checked the numbers together (at least ten times) and then took a selfie with the winning ticket just in case something happened to it.

Here’s what the lucky family lottery syndicate is planning to spend their win on (plus our suggestions, of course):

Stephanie and Steve want a holiday at the Caribbean

Stephanie, Steve, we have the best (and most expensive) Caribbean resort for you! It’s called the Lighthouse Bay Resort and we are sure it will guarantee you an unforgettable lottery winners’ experience. Once you arrive (by jet plane or helicopter) you will have the privilege to treat yourselves with an incomparable exclusive island retreat.

The luxurious nine-suite resort is “hugged” by the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Codrington Lagoon and could become a part of your memories for the humble price of $2,490 per night. The ultimate private island experience includes a kidney-shaped pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea, and an interior design that will take your breath away with design elements make of Mahogany wood, travertine, marble, and blue Bahia granite.

Courtney is dreaming of a new car

Courtney, with £12 million (approx. €13.86 million) in your pocket, you can easily buy one of the most expensive helicopters in the world! But if you will be OK with “just” a new car, here’s our recommendation:

The new 2016 Rolls Royce Phantom Serenity is the car for you, Courtney. A true epitome of luxury, Rolls Royce Phantom Serenity will leave you breathless. I mean, what’s not to like in it? The luxurious cherry wood interior? The exclusive silk upholstery? The unbelievably awesome cherry blossom motif on the ceiling? The breathtaking mother of pearl paint on the exterior? No wonder this is what Rolls-Royce calls “the Queen”! The only downside of this vehicle is, you guessed it right, its price tag. It will cost a little less than $600,000 but that’s about €532,679, which is only 4% of your slice of the newly won EuroMillions jackpot!

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