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EuroMillions: What Is Fact And What Is Fiction?

EuroMillions, being amongst the most famous European lotteries and one of the most popular lottery draws, has always had an aura of mystery surrounding it. The Internet is full of rumours and myths so we've decided to throw some light on the most common claims that surround the draw, and once and for all state what is real and what isn't.

Fiction: The higher the jackpot, the harder for you to get your hands on it

With a starting jackpot of approximately €15 million and an option for roll over  jackpots to soar to mouthwatering sums like €190 million, EuroMillions jackpot has often been on many people’s Santa Claus’ lists for Christmas. A lot of people still believe that if the jackpot is higher, their odds of winning are smaller. This cannot be farther from the truth! No matter what the size of the jackpot is, your chances of winning remain absolutely unchanged (1 in 116,531,800 to be precise).

You should, however, bear in mind that a higher jackpot usually means a larger number of players, so, even though your chances of winning are the same, there is a bigger chance for you to split the jackpot with more people. The good news is that you can increase your chances to win by simply buying more tickets!

Fact: Anonymous winners have the same rights as winners who go public

Every lottery loves the publicity that comes with winning a huge jackpot and EuroMillions is no different. There are, however, strict policies that guarantee you equal treatment after you hit the EuroMillions jackpot whether you decide to go public or stay anonymous. Either way, you will get the same prize and the same support from the lottery. So, deciding whether you want to share the news of your big win with the whole world or you prefer to keep it to yourself, be sure that EuroMillions will guarantee you equal rights.

Fiction: The future winning numbers hide in the past winning numbers

A lot of EuroMillions players have been trying to predict a winning number combination based on already drawn numbers. Yes, there is a lot of statistics about EuroMillions past draws where you can see the most drawn numbers and the ones that are overdue but this, unfortunately, cannot tell you much about next draw’s numbers. All combinations are equally possible, so, whether you play “hot numbers”, “cold numbers” or a combination of your parent’s wedding anniversary and the age of your dog multiplied by 4, you have about the same chances to hit the jackpot!

Fact: Entering as syndicate will increase your odds of winning

Even though your odds of winning remain the same regardless of the size of the EuroMillions jackpot, this is not true if you play by yourself or in a group! Entering a lottery syndicate is a proven way to increase your chances to win. As each coin has two sides, though, there’s a downside to playing the lottery in a syndicate as well… Your increased chances of winning also mean sharing your winnings with other syndicate members, resulting in a smaller win (in size) for you.

Armed with this information, don't forget to grab your lines for this week's draw, and be in with a chance to bank yourself a very cool €24 million.  

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