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Fare Play! – Dublin Bus Driver Syndicate Wins €23.8 Milli


Dublin Bus - "Out Of Service"

A syndicate of drivers for Dublin Bus are still celebrating after winning €23.8 million on last Friday's EuroMillions. Reports vary as to what the drivers did next – so did they show up for work on Monday morning or not? And, will they be taking early retirement?

One thing about the Irish, they always bounce back. Following a French EuroMillions win on the very same weekend that saw France knocking Ireland out of Euro 2016, Ireland bounced back a week later to claim the EuroMillions jackpot for themselves.

The winners, a syndicate of bus drivers from Dublin, won €23.8million having correctly choose the numbers 2, 11, 13, 40 and 50, with Lucky Stars 1 and 10.

Not In Service

Early reports on the syndicate seemed contradictory, with some tabloids stating that they didn't show up for work on Monday, whereas Irish broadsheets claimed they had.

"I certainly wouldn't be here if I'd won a million quid", one employee commented – the employee done so anonymously, of course, and with good reason.

Though show up they did, to start the day as they always had, ferrying commuters across "Dublin's Fair City", as the song goes, or should that be Fare City?

Last Stop, Everybody Off

Chief Inspector Tony Carey is one of the many Dublin Bus employees wishing the winners luck. "They’re all lovely lads and every one of them deserves it", he said, adding, "It will be a big loss if we lose them all!"

Which may certainly be a strong possibility.

The winners, all men, are near or nearing retirement. Most have seen at least two decades' service with Dublin Bus and, we're told, only two of them are under 50.

In other words, they're working class Dublin lads from a generation not known for extravagance. A pragmatic generation full of grit and determination who know the value of money – and friendship too. So it's unlikely they'll leave their colleagues in the lurch.

It's far more than likely they'll see out their tenure, or, at least go for an early retirement, but still work the time out. No doubt they're thinking not about squandering their million-odd each, but rather about their children and grandchildren.

Of course there's bound to be some vacancies opening soon and, post-Brexit, with all the recent surge in interest in getting Irish residency perhaps a steady job in the Irish capital might be just the ticket.

Then again who needs a ticket at all when you can play EuroMillions online instead!