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Clubbing In Style: How Millionaires Are Doing It



The fabulous life of the rich (and famous) is certainly on many people’s wish list. But once you have entered “the millionaires’ club”, do you know what to do next to save your sweet spot and spend your fortune in style?

We’re here to help! Nothing beats the exclusivity a membership in a fancy millionaires’ club can give you, so we’ve gathered 3 of the most luxurious (and hardest to enter) millionaires’ clubs you would kill to be a member of:

The Yellowstone Club

Membership: $300,000

Annual fee: $30,000

Extra costs: members have to buy a multi-million-dollar property

Yellowstone Club is located in Montana, USA. It goes without saying that it features a private residential ski and golf resort with stunning mountain views and evergreen forests. The heavily monitored area has been chosen by numerous golf celebrities plus some of the most refined world elite, so you can’t go wrong if you decide to spend some of your EuroMillions money on becoming a member.

Despite the $300,000 initial membership fee and the annual $30,000 fees, you also have to own one of the properties in the club. The good news is they start at just $2 million, so even the starting EuroMillions jackpot will be more than enough for you to become a member and have no other than Bill Gates as a neighbour!

The Capital Club

Membership: $15,000

Annual fee: $3,300

Extra costs: you can trade your membership through the club to another prospective member (there is transfer fee of 10 percent that goes to the club)

Here’s what Russell Matcham (the chief executive of the Capital Club, Dubai) says about the club’s experience: “The idea of the Capital Club is to bring people together and give them a private platform. It's more about getting perspectives and knowing what is really going on, which they don't express if they are in a public forum.”

Located in the very heart of Dubai's financial district, The Capital Club is not easy to get in. They have a strict invite-only application process, plus you should also be recommended by 2 club members. Once you’re in, though, you get to take your business meetings in style on the club’s famous Gate Village Terrace, offering fantastic views of The Burj Khalifa.

Cercle de Lorraine (Brussels’ business club)

Membership: $2,000

Annual fee: $1,700

Extra costs: unknown

A relatively new private club, Cercle de Lorraine was founded in the spring of 1998. It offers its carefully selected members various activities like golf tournaments, Cuban cigar tasting dinners, hunting, fishing, bridge matches and challenges, private function rooms, a wine cellar, etc. What more can a millionaire want?

Fancy a clubbing experience without cheap shots, sticky floors and dodgy remixes by the house DJ? Place a bet on this week's massive EuroMillions draw, and you could be dancing with the rich and famous in no time. Good luck!