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3 Celebrities With Net Worth Less Than EuroMillions Starting Jackpot


With a minimum guaranteed jackpot of €15 million, EuroMillions is among the easiest and quickest ways for you to become a multi-millionaire. If you play regularly, you are given this amazing chance twice a week (with draws each Tuesday and Friday evening)!

Just imagine how many years of hard work you would have to endure to save this amount of money. In most cases, even a lifetime will not be enough…

But enough about us, ordinary people. Let’s talk about celebrities – these famous people smiling at us from screens and magazines, looking like they’ve figured it all out. Some of them are filthy rich and this often misleads us into thinking that famous equals wealthy. Well, it turns out this cannot be farther from the truth!

Read on for our special collection of 3 celebrities with net worth less than €15 million (EuroMillions starting jackpot)

Lindsay Lohan

Net Worth as of 2016: $500,000

Starting her career as an actress at the fragile age of just 12, Lindsay Lohan has played many roles and has been widely popular both on the big screen and on TV. Her first film, The Parent Trap, was a total success, earning a whopping $92.1 million in box office sales. Then there was the 2000 Disney fantasy drama Life-Size, followed by Freaky Friday (that one made $160 million worldwide), and the list goes on and on…

Apparently, acting, singing, modeling, producing, and directing have not been enough for Lindsey to bank a 7-figure sum yet as her net worth, as of 2016, is just $500,000. Just for reference, EuroMillions made 17 people nearly as rich (or richer) only in the past month (May 2016)!

Rumor has it that Lindsay Lohan recently got engaged to multi-millionaire Egor Tarabasov, so her fortunate are likely to improve in the near future.

Mike Tyson

Net Worth as of 2016: $1 Million

Mike Tyson needs no introduction. The world’s youngest boxer to win the WBC, WBA, and IBF world heavyweight titles was reportedly worth $300 Million (at the peak of his career). His lifestyle, though, was too expensive for his high income… Yes, this happens to rich people as well!

Today, the retired champion admits that his reckless spending got him to where he is now. After declaring bankruptcy in 2003, Mike Tyson got lucky enough to sell his Farmington, Conn., mansion for $4.1 million to 50 Cent.

Chris Tucker

Net Worth as of 2016: $11.5 Million

Considerably richer than Lindsay Lohan and Mike Tyson, Chris Tucker has a modest net worth today, given the fact that he was once the highest-paid actor in Hollywood.

The star of the Rush Hour trilogy apparently found it impossible to deal with his financial and tax issues, which led to his current financial situation of owning less than the EuroMillions starting jackpot.

Luckily, you don’t need to be either a famous Hollywood actor or the world’s most legendary boxing champion to play EuroMillions and have the chance to win a guaranteed jackpot of £11 million overnight, twice a week.

Want to try your luck on the EuroMillions? Grab your lines for this week's draw and you could be £11 million richer. 

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