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What it feels like to win 50 million playing EuroMillions


Irish Whiskey

What everybody talks about these days is the massive EuroMillions jackpot that was recently split by 2 lucky lottery players – one from France and one from Ireland. They will both share €66,188,316 or about £50 million!

The Irish winning ticket holder has already contacted the National Lottery and told them they have the winning ticket. As you know, the winner has 90 days to go to the headquarters and claim their big win in person. The first step has already been made – here’s what a spokeswoman for the National Lottery in Dublin shared, "They have been in contact with National Lottery HQ just to say 'we have got the winning ticket, we would like to come in and claim it'."

£50 million is a lot of money – we all know that. Here’s, though, a detailed list of options what to spend their jaw-dropping prize on for the lucky Irish EuroMillions jackpot winner in case they need some inspiration:

Celebrate your win with the most expensive Irish whiskey:

Pure Pot Still Whiskey

Price: ~$140,000

From: Galway, Ireland

Coming from an old Irish distillery that shuttered more than 10 years ago, a bottle of Pure Pot Still Whiskey may be just what you need to celebrate such a big lottery win! Just have in mind that there are just a few bottles available and they are not very easy to find, so getting drunk with this particular whiskey might turn out a bit tricky…

Stay with style in the Presidential Suite, Powerscourt Hotel, Wicklow

For € 5,000 a night, you’ll get the opportunity to feel as comfortable as you can be in the marvelous penthouse suite spanning the entire seventh floor of the former Ritz Carlton. For this price tag, you get your own massive rooftop terrace with a hot tub (of course), 300 thread-count linen (who would put up with less), black marble bathrooms and all. Apparently, € 5,000 is not enough money to cover breakfast, so, for that you’ll have to pay € 28 more. Go figure.

Live mortgage-free at the most expensive home in Dublin: the Sorrento House

Priced at €10.5 million, the Sorrento House is currently not for sale, but with 66,188,316 EUR in your pocket, you might as well change that… Just imagine the lifestyle you might have – living in the fabulous end-of-terrace house with breathtaking views of Dublin Bay! Situated at the end of a strip of protected Victorian houses, the Sorrento House boasts about a living area of 714sq m on which you’ll find antique Jerusalem stone flooring, six bedrooms, and six bathrooms. This fantastic waterfront property will tease you with uninterrupted panoramic views and 2 acres of lush landscaped gardens… Just imagine what it would be to live like a royal family!

Spend a nice evening (or more) at the Patrick Guilbaud Restaurant

Located in Dublin, Ireland's most award-winning restaurant will offer you “seriously good” food, according to a 2004 article from The New York Times. 2 Michelin stars, a cellar with over 25,000 wine bottles from all over the world, a rich a la carte menu, outstanding service, and a promise for an unforgettable experience may be your choice for a Friday evening for the next 40 years and you’ll still have plenty of jackpot money to spend as per your wildest wishes!

Whoever said money can’t buy you happiness obviously hasn’t won a £50 million jackpot in EuroMillions!