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Top Euromillions Jackpot Winners

Neil Trotter became one of the UK's top lottery winners last weekend when he scooped the £107.9 million jackpot. His lucky ticket made him the first EuroMillions winner in the UK this year.

Mr Trotter will become the 745th richest person in the UK. His win is the 4th biggest in National Lottery history making him richer than Robbie Williams. He brought his winning ticket from his local Londis store on the way to work last week.

Mr Trotter who lives in Coulsdon, south London, runs a repair garage called Chameleon Coachworks. With his winnings he plans to take early retirement and concentrate on his passion in life - British touring car racing. He is a motor racing enthusiast who came sixth in the BMW Compact Cup newcomers' race last summer.

Here are five more of the UK's top lottery winners:

1) Colin and Chris Weir

This couple from Ayrshire won £161,653,000 back in July 2011. Their win made them Europe's biggest lottery winners to date. With their prize money, the couple who have been married for 32 years brought 'Frognal' a 32 acre estate originally built in 1909 which set them back £3.5 million.

They also pumped £5 million into the Weir Charitable Trust, which gives support to others in the Scottish community. The trust provides services to smaller charities that enable people across Scotland to enjoy recreational activities and sport as well as helping to advance personal health and animal welfare. Parts of Scotland's rich heritage and culture have also been restored as a result of funding from the Weir trust.

2) Adrian and Gillian Bayford

On the 10th August 2012 this lucky couple from Suffolk won £148,656,000. Mr Bayford was running a music shop and his wife, Gillian, was working on a children's ward when they hit the jackpot. The couple used the money to repay friends and family who had helped them out over the years before unfortunately splitting 15 months later. Their lucky numbers were 50,21,17,48 and 11 with 09 and 10 as their Lucky Star numbers.

3) Dave and Angela Dawes

Mr and Mrs Dawes won £101 million after playing the lottery only three times! Mr Dawes worked as a shift supervisor at Premier Foods while his wife was a volunteer for the British Heart Foundation before their huge win. The couple decided to share their winnings with friends and gave those closest to them £1m each.

4) Nigel Page

Mr Page celebrated his £56,008,113?win with a bacon sandwich back in 2010. With his winnings he treated himself to a car as he'd been driving a white van for the past 10 years and moved to a mansion in the Cotswolds. Nigel used his winnings to eventually marry his long-term girlfriend Justine Laycock.

5) Les and Sam Scadding:

Les Scadding's win of £45,570,835?in November 2009 came just in time, as he was unemployed and £68 into his overdraft when he brought two lucky dip EuroMillions tickets. The former mechanic was over the moon when he thought his ticket read £50,000; he later got his ticket checked over by staff at the Tesco's store where he brought the winning ticket and discovered he'd won £45 million! Since then Mr Scadding has treated himself to a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe (the same car as David Beckham) and took up position as Newport's County Chairman.

The UK currently has 44 jackpot winners? could you be next? Try your luck at this weeks EuroMillions jackpot and you could be in with the chance of winning £12 million!

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