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EuroMillions Superdraw June 5th


EuroMillions Superdraw June 5th

Are you excited about the latest EuroMillions Superdraw that’s set for June 5th? With a jackpot of £80 million who wouldn’t be?

Do you know how much £80 million actually is? To help you get the big picture, we’ve prepared some funny (yet accurate) statistics that will show you the weights and measures of £80 million. Here’s what you’ll get if you win £80 million in £1 coins:

760,000 kg

Now, that’s what I call a real treasure!! I guess you wouldn’t mind burying it but it will take several thousand people to carry it from the lottery headquarters to the place you want to bury it at, so you’d better do the math first…

127.58 cubic meters

If you decide to use a box for it you’ll probably have to hire a hell of a large group of carpenters as well, and use about half of the Sherwood Forest’s trees for timber.

1,800 km in length

That’s roughly the distance between London and Helsinki! If you decide to follow this road of money and collect the coins on your way, you would need about 2 months…

252 km in height

Maybe (just maybe) you would prefer to pile them and make the highest coin tower ever? Well, just to make sure we have warned you, if you want to do it, you should know that your jackpot pile will end somewhere in the thermosphere, where temperatures reach up to about 2,000 °C, so you’d better put on some sunscreen beforehand…

40500 m2 in area

That’s enough for you to cover the whole area of Switzerland and finally prove them that their banks are not enough for the volume of your fortune!

Now that you got the picture, let me tell you what £80 million can buy (that’s in case you need some inspiration, of course):

The best part is that you’ll most probably decide on a much more practical way to spend your winnings, so you won’t have to worry about money (or its lack thereof) for the rest of your life.

The next step? The EuroMillions Superdraw takes place on June 5th – you’d better start playing now!