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23.01.2018 - Tuesday

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EuroMillions millionaire via mail!


EuroMillions Millionaire letter

When you’ve got mail, and it says you’ve won the lottery – how the Kinghorns from Aberdeenshire did it

A tired couple from Aberdeenshire on their way home from a Tenerife vacation received an email notification about a lottery win, and found a huge surprise waiting for them when they finally opened it – one worth a million pounds!

George and Sandra Kinghorn are regular lottery players who prefer to play online and receive all related messages via email, so the email did not trigger any scam-alert response or even any anticipation regarding its content. The Kinghorns have won small amounts in the past, and they assumed the latest email to be another such winning notification for the Oct 31 Euromillions game – which was probably why they decided to check the details later in favour of a good night’s sleep to smooth out the travel-fatigue. They recharged the phone and went to bed, business as usual really, perhaps with the no-longer-novel notion of being a wee bit richer. Imagine their shock and surprise the following evening when George went online to buy lines for the Saturday lotto, actually opened the email and discovered that the ‘small prize’ in question was actually a £1 mn jackpot from the Mega Friday raffle!

“I only realised how much I’d won when I went online at 6.30pm the following night to put my lines on for the Saturday draw. I actually turned the computer off and back on again – I was sure it was a mistake,” says George. He had his wife double-check the win, and the exact amount of zeros mentioned in the prize money as well. And then promptly proceeded to get back to his offshore work-routine on Tuesday, which meant that it would be another 3 weeks before he returned to his home in Peterhead to officially pick up his winnings.

Plans for the EuroMillions prize money

In keeping with the absolute pragmatism and steely discipline that has served the Kinghorns so far (and pretty well, if one may add!), the couple have stated that they don’t intend to splurge or do anything outrageous with the unexpected windfall, and will in fact try to continue leading their normal lives. George will not quit his job and will continue his 32-year career in oil off-shoring; his most-preferred form of celebration would be a week’s vacation of golfing with friends.

Of course, he may have to rethink that particular plan, since the Mega Friday prize also includes a fortnight’s all-expenses-paid 5-star getaway to Australia’s Makepeace Island off Sunshine Coast for the couple and 7 other friends or companions, who will be flown business class to mainland Australia followed by a helicopter transfer to the private island. Well, from one sun-vacation to another, even before the previous tan wears off – now that is truly lucky!

So, the obvious lesson learnt here – if you play the lottery online, subscribe to email notifications, and happen to receive a win notification from your provider, you should open it at the very least and see what it’s about. You do not want to end up with a mistake of negligence worth a million pounds!