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The Million Pound Cruise


Luxury Cruise

Yes, you’ve read it right! This is a million pound cruise. Just the thought of this sends shivers down my spine. While I can think of a dozen (or even a million) better ways to spend a million pounds, I can’t help but see the obvious advantages of this one as well.

Here are (some of) the reasons to decide to part with £1,000,000 (per couple) on an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime:

It lasts 124 days

For those who still haven’t done the math, that’s 4 months of sightseeing, sandy beaches, royal treatment, caviar and champagne. From your 20’s to your 90’s, there’s no more convenient time for you to spend 124 days travelling the world. And what a better way to do it than on the most luxurious cruise ever?

You get to see 28 countries plus some of the world's greatest tourist sites

There’s an explorer hidden in everybody. Even though some people hide their explorers inside so deep that they scarcely ever come out, the Million Pound Cruise gives you the opportunity to visit some of the most exotic places on earth, including French Polynesia, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Maldives and Mauritius in the classiest of ways possible.

You get to spend £8,000 per day

Now, that’s what I call effortless classy spending. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it burdening to think of a way to spend such a large sum every single day for 4 months ahead. My list would, of course, start with shoes, bags, diamonds, and then some more shoes (you guessed it right, I am a woman), but then – what? While it may take some time to figure out how to spend such a paramount sum every day, this insanely expensive cruise thing has you covered – you sunbathe and the money just evaporates like ocean foam to the cloudless skies.

You get to live in the Royal Suite on board of Silversea's Silver Whisper

With all the breathtaking views and exotic places to visit I still bet you’ll want to spend as long time as possible in the sumptuous Royal Suite on board one of the most luxurious vessels at sea. With its two bedrooms (each one with its own veranda), two marble (of course) bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes and lounge area as well as another large teak veranda with patio furniture and floor-to-ceiling glass doors, who wouldn’t?

Pre-cruise and post-cruise treats

For that much money I wouldn’t expect anything less… The pre-cruise stay is intended to emotionally prepare you for the upcoming cruise experience of a lifetime and includes 4 nights in the top suite of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, LA. The post-cruise stay will help you unwind after your voyage around the world. This will apparently be most easily achieved in a £7,300 per night apartment set in a gated community on Sunset Island, Miami.

The estimated EuroMillions jackpot for Tuesday is £81,000,000. Let’s do the math… That’s like 81 of these cruises, or 27 years, or over 10,000 days (10,044 to be exact) of luxury, Beluga Caviar, Da Hong Pao Tea, Dom Perignon Rosé, helicopter rides, private charters, etc. And that’s without you thinking about even the smallest detail. Just cash in the prize and let the fun begin.

See you in 27 years!