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EuroMillions Winner Moves In Next To Ronaldo

Some people might think Cristiano Ronaldo is the luckiest man in the world, but statistically he isn’t even the luckiest man on his street. At least not since a two-time lotto winner moved in next door.

Beating odds of 5 trillion to 1, the man known only as ‘Javi’, a pseudonym given to him by the Spanish press, won €1.8 million on the Spanish lottery in 2013, before winning a €137 million just 8 months later, in the EuroMillions.

Very little is known about the extremely private, and extremely lucky winner, except that he is originally from Zhejiang in China, and came to Spain for a better life. He has since left his job as a kitchen porter, and moved himself next door to Real Madrid icon, Ronaldo.

When asked if he is the luckiest man in the world, Javi simply replied, “Yes… two big prizes are mine.”

If he is as economical with his spending as he is with his words, Javi and his family won’t be going bankrupt anytime soon.

We can expect that his new casa set him back a few quid, as Ronaldo’s neighbouring home cost the Madrid forward close to €7 million euros. Despite the opulence of Ronaldo’s home, which featured in the recent biopic of the Portuguese star, it is not his most expensive home.

Ronaldo owns a €16 million apartment in the famous Trump tower, owned by presidential hopeful Donald Trump, where his neighbours include actor Bruce Willis, a disgraced Brazilian football authority who is currently under house arrest, and Andrew Lloyd-Webber.

The mysterious Javi shares more in common with Ronaldo than one might think, both have humble beginnings and Ronaldo has previously spoken of sharing a room with his brothers and sisters as a child.

To put Javi’s double win into some perspective, the odds of scooping two wins of that magnitude are higher than being struck by lightning 4 times, being killed by a vending machine falling on you, becoming president of the USA and shuffling a pack of cards into perfect sequential order.

‘Cos For 24 Years I’ve Been Living Next Door To Ronaldo…

Fancy living it up next to your favourite football star? Maybe a massive mansion in Marbella or rubbing shoulders with celebs in Beverly Hills? £19 million could certainly make that happen – so don’t forget to play this Friday’s EuroMillions online!  

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