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20.03.2018 - Tuesday

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How To Play EuroMillions


How To Play EuroMillions

Unless you've just been thawed out after 50 years like Captain America you've no doubt heard of EuroMillions. And you'll have no doubt have noticed there's quite a lot of chatter about it this past few weeks. Maybe you haven't really paid much attention before, but we can give you 91 million reasons why you should now. Time to find out what all the hype's about.

EuroMillions In A Nutshell

If you've played before then this can serve as a refresher course, and, if it's you're new to the game don't worry. EuroMillions is very easy to play – and a whole lot of fun too.

Take a couple of minutes to read this through – it won't take long – and learn not just how to play EuroMillions, but how you can get your first ever game FREE!

What is EuroMillions?

EuroMillions is a trans-European lottery where players from all over Europe play twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridas) to win the continent's biggest jackpots.

It was founded in February 2004 by the national lotteries of Britain, France and Spain but has since expanded to nine countries plus additional territories such as the Isle of Man and Monaco.

It is the third biggest in the world, after American giants MegaMillions and PowerBall, the lotteries which served as the inspiration for EuroMillions.

Learn More At Our EuroMillions FAQ.

How Does EuroMillions Work?

EuroMillions is a simple game to play, you just need to pick seven numbers. The first five are regular numbers, from a range of one to 50. Next pick your Lucky Star numbers, from a range of one to 11. Different prizes are awarded based on how many regular and/or star numbers you match. To hit the jackpot you need to match all five numbers plus two lucky stars.

Get More Details On EuroMillions Rules.

How Much Can I Win Playing EuroMillions

Currently the highest amount you can win is €190 million, or approx. £134.4 million. This new cap was set after the 2011 win by Scottish couple Colin and Chris Weir. The Weirs are the UK's biggest winners and third largest overall, having won over £161.6 million.

Since the cap was introduced the maximum jackpot has been hit twice. First by Adrian and Gillian Bayford, EuroMillions' biggest ever winners (that is in Euros, not Pounds) and then, a little over a year ago, by an anonymous player from Portugal. 

What's This Superdraw Thing I Keep Hearing About?

A EuroMillions Superdraw is a special event draw where the jackpot is inflated to €100 million. If there is no winner the jackpot rolls over each Tuesday and Saturday, growing considerably in size each time.

Superdraws are held several times a year and, as you can well imagine, prove hugely popular. So far this year we've had two, one in March and a second in June. The last Superdraw saw one UK player winning £93 million.

Now it's your turn! There's £91 million up for grabs this Friday night. So make this a weekend to remember – just £2 this weekend could change your life forever.

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