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How to get lucky and win the Euromillions

If we search for luck in our lives it is definitely worth knowing what luck actually is, why some people appear to be luckier than others, is luck even real?

Lets look into the case of a Dublin man that won €350,000 in the lottery this week. Was he lucky or was his win a product of probability?

''I started buying my Lotto tickets online a few months ago as I wanted to make sure I was in the draws while away on holidays? The winner says.

Logical mind-sets tend to favour the understanding that everything around us obeys simple laws of cause effect, action reaction. On this take, we frequently hear from others - 'one makes his own luck'.

Sceptics would argue the Dublin man searched his luck by taking a proactive action to buy a ticket and was rewarded by seizing the chance the lottery provides to become rich.

The Dublin man appears to have his doubts however. After winning he said 'But if I hadn't made that mistake, I wouldn't be here - it's just gas!'

He believed that it was funny that he even won; for him luck had definitely played its part.

But how could a mistake help him to the win?

There are many different views on what is this phenomena we call luck. It is however clear it can't be identified or quantified by known collective measures. We all perceive luck in a different way and we innately tend to recognize its manifestation on others whilst quietly cursing our own.

Aristotle argued that luck existed only in the realm of thinking minds, for the ancient Greek philosopher there was only chance - our perception of chance led to a belief of probability affecting individuals arbitrarily rather than randomly.

So why are some people more lucky than others?

It goes to say that if a man finds a bank note on the pavement of a busy street this is not a product of luck but pure chance. The note was there to be found and was only a matter of time until it was found. One must agree that the man was not searching for the note but chance led him to the find.

A man that normally walks the streets is more likely to find notes than the one that never leaves his house. Because he found a note he was perceived by the latest as someone lucky.

Why is lottery different?

In lottery however, although it is considered a game of chance it requires the winner to actively pursue it. Unless you find a lottery ticket on the ground, you must log in to your account and play the numbers. You need to take the chance and wait for the outcome the way the Dublin man did.

Nonetheless, the Dublin man's case raises a peculiar paradox - he did not pick the numbers he intended when searching for that chance and he still won.

Confused? He explains:

'This time I made a mistake when I was typing in my usual numbers, and got one of the numbers wrong.''

Although attempting to win the lottery week in week out, the odds never seemed to favour him - searching his luck did not produce the intended result - his exposure to chance was not rewarded.

It took a slip up to make him win, an involuntary action that nonetheless produced the intended result.

We will call it luck, perhaps the luck of the Irish at play. What say you?

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