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The Most Expensive Whiskys In The World


Aged Whisky

Each lottery winner knows that celebrating your winning is just as important as the win itself. And what a better way of celebrating than opening a bottle of whisky and having a shot or two (or more)?

We've already looked at some of the most expensive wines in the world. Now, in this, the latest in our "most expensive" series, we turn our attention to whisky. 

Whisky has been a popular drink ever since people found out how to make it. Its relatively affordable price and high alcoholic volume have made it a favorite drink of many people in Europe and around the world.

Here are some interesting facts about whisky that will definitely make you sound smart (on top of feeling rich) while you celebrate with “the nectar of life”, as some call it:

Now that you know these ridiculously funny facts about whisky, let’s take a look at some of the most expensive bottles you can buy with your freshly won lottery money:

Isabella’s Islay (Price: £3.8 million)

No, you’re not mistaken; this is what you will have to pay for a bottle of Isabella’s Islay whisky. Talking about bottles, this one’s is luxurious as can be. With over 8500 diamonds, about 300 rubies and the equivalent of two bars of white gold, the whisky inside is well protected (and definitely feels special and unique). At least I would feel special and unique if you scatter some diamonds, rubies, and white gold around me…

105 Year Old Master of Malt (Price: £900,000)

It better be the master of malt for that price! Distilled at the Aisla T’Orten distillery, the 105 Year Old Master of Malt is the sleeping beauty for all whisky lovers. Having peacefully aged for 105 years, this whisky princess is just crying for someone to wake her up and get his hands on her give her a nice long kiss ;) Volunteers, anyone?

64 Year Old Macallan (Price: £300,000)

Compared to the above whiskys, this one can almost be considered affordable… I mean £300,000 is nothing compared to the next EuroMillions jackpot right? Hell, if I win that, I’ll probably buy two bottles!

How much money would you spend on celebrating if you win at the next EuroMillions draw? Just don’t carry yourself away dreaming before you’ve given your luck a chance!

This Friday's jackpot is worth £17 million, more than enough for an epic Whisky Galore!-style celebration to leave your entire neighborhood with a serious, long-sustained hangover!

So to start your weekend on a high note forget queuing up at the local newsagents and play EuroMillions online now!