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How To Side-Step The Official EuroMillions Cut-Off Time


How To Buy EuroMillions Tickets At The Last Minute

Imagine the following; on your way to buy your ticket you get caught up in the Friday evening rush hour. By the time you get to the counter you're told that it's too late to buy a ticket. Later on you hear there was no winner of that week's massive EuroMillions jackpot, then the announcer lists out the winning numbers – your  winning numbers!

This situation is easily avoidable if you play online, however, and in this article we'll show you exactly how. 

What Is The Official EuroMillions Cut-Off Time?

The official deadline to purchase your EuroMillions tickets from your local retailer is 6:00pm (GMT), so essentially an hour and a half before the draw itself. So if you haven't bought your tickets already that doesn't leave you much time to buy them after work!

Why You Should Be Worried About The EuroMillions Cut-Off Time

The reason is simple, the possibility that you'll miss out on winning millions.

If you don't think it can happen then you haven't been reading the papers lately. In recent month's we've had two such stories making global headlines. The first being Margit Arrobio from Pasedena, California who, back in May, bought tickets for a big Powerball lottery jackpot. What she didn't realise was that she was already too late, she had the right numbers but what the clerk had actually sold her were tickets for the next upcoming draw. The result; loosing out on a massive $360 million (over £234 million) jackpot!

Before that we had the tragic story of Joel Ifergan from Canada. He lost out on another massive lottery win worth $13.5 million CAD (over £6.9 million) by a mere seven seconds. The reason? Although he'd made the transaction within the cut-off time (by the skin of his teeth admittedly) the machine took too long printing out his ticket and, when it did, the timestamp was well outside the allotted time.

Poor Joel even ended up taking the Quebec Lottery to court over the incident, but lost, adding crippling legal fees on top of everything else.

These recent stories, and countless others just like them, serve as grim reminders of exactly what can happen if you don't purchase your tickets on time. But, with this little hack we're about to show you, you'll still be able to play EuroMillions well after the 6pm cut-off period.

Why You Don’t Need To Be Worried About The EuroMillions Cut-Off Time

Thankfully there's still a way for you to play EuroMillions even after the official cut-off time. The answer's quite simple actually, just play online with Lottoland! 

Regular readers will already be aware of their exclusive features such as NumberShield, which protects you against shared wins, and their famous DoubleJackpot, which automatically doubles the value of any jackpot win.

In addition to this, Lottoland gives you an Advance Play feature plus detailed Subscription options. This way you need not worry about being late to the EuroMillions party ever again.

The only issue with these player modes is that you'll be playing the exact same numbers each draw. So what if you'd like to play new numbers each and every draw?

Well once again Lottoland have you covered with a nifty little feature simply called Last Minute Tickets. With this option you can still purchase EuroMillions tickets after the 6pm deadline – something you can't do anything else.

How it works is that Lottoland pre-pick numbers electronically in advance. Think of it like buying lots of tickets ahead of time, but digitally. So if you're running late you can still play EuroMillions online.

This method has two drawbacks; firstly, as you're essentially buying a pre-bought ticket you don't get to choose your own numbers. Second the number of available last minute tickets are limited, and are sold on a first-come-first basis.

If you're lucky, however, you'll be able to buy tickets right up to ten minutes before the draw, unless it's a really big draw, in which case you're still advised to buy sooner rather than later for obvious reasons!

Better Late Than Never!

So, now you know that, even if you're too late to buy a ticket at the shop, you can still play EuroMillions online. That said you can always avoid the stress completely by buying your ticket ahead of schedule – and with £28 million up for grabs this Friday it's probably a wise move for you to buy EuroMillions tickets online at Lottoland now!