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Winning couple plan Teletubbies home

Back in February 2012, the British couple Matt and Cassey Topham entered the EuroMillions hall of fame when they picked up a £45 million jackpot. It was only about six months after that their extravagant plans for a new home made headlines across the UK.

Their future home, named ?Serenity?, has been likened to the house inhabited by the Teletubbies. The eco-friendly house will have eight bedrooms and has a swirling, modern structure.

The couple have now been given the planning permission to build their dream home.

The house will be built in Wollaton, Nottingham. When the winners first made their application the English Heritage made objections, claiming the building would not sit well among the more historical buildings in the area.

The house was designed by Baca Architects and will feature a home cinema, a games room, a music room with great acoustics, a pool, exercise room and an office. There will also be a garage with room for ten cars.

The firm has described the house as a, ?21st century country house and hidden retreat which is uultra-low in energy use but also high in aesthetic aspiration and quality?.

The house will be built on Adams hill close to the stunning Wollaton Hall. In 2013, houses in the area sold for an average of £1.4 million. This means that the lottery winners' new house will be in good company - even if it might raise a few eyebrows.

When the Tophams first picked up their win, it was reported that Matt paid off the mortgage of his father, gave over £1 million to his best friend and also paid for holidays around Europe for close friends and family.

It looks like they will now splash out in full with Serenity. To build their new home they will tear down their previous home, a 1930s house they bought as a replacement to the ex-council house they owned before picking up their windfall.

We wish them good luck with building their new house.

What would your dream home look like? Do not forget your chance of picking up a jackpot. Go play your lucky numbers in the next draw of EuroMillions.

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