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EuroMillions Winning Combinations – What You Need To Win

Winning EuroMillions is easier than you think! In fact there's few lotteries out there that give you as many winning chances as EuroMillions. There's a total of thirteen different ways to win and in this article we're going to look at those in detail so you know which specific number combinations you need to win each prize.

EuroMillions Prize Breakdown

To play EuroMillions you must pick seven out of 50 regular numbers and two lucky stars out of 11.

In EuroMillions you have a total of thirteen prize tiers, the jackpot plus twelve additional prizes.

Of those thirteen total prizes nine prizes require you to also guess at least one of the lucky star numbers correctly.

Four prizes require you to match regular numbers only. (Match five, match four, match three or match two.)

The table below gives you a complete breakdown of all EuroMillions prizes, which numbers and how many you need to win, the odds of winning and, of course, how much you can win.

Prize TierTo WinTotal NumbersOdds
Jackpot5 Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars7116,531,800:1
25 Numbers + 1 Lucky Star66,473,989:1
3Five Regular Numbers53,236,994:1
44 Regular + 2 Lucky Stars6517,919:1
54 Regular + 1 Lucky Star528,773:1
6Four Regular Numbers414,387:1
73 Regular + 2 Lucky Stars511,771:1
82 Regular + 2 Lucky Stars4821:1
93 Regular + 1 Lucky Star4654:1
10Three Regular Numbers3327:1
111 Regular + 2 Lucky Stars3156:1
122 Regular + 1 Lucky Star346:1
13Two Regular Numbers223:1

Don't forget you'll find more in-depth information on our EuroMillions Odds and Statistics page. And if you still have questions make sure and visit our FAQ page.

More Ways To Win!

Thirteen an unlucky number? Not in EuroMillions when you've got thirteen ways to win and odds of just 11.8:1 of winning any prizes. Plus you've got two chances a week to win, each Tuesday and Friday. So don't miss out on your chance to become a multimillionaire this week with EuroMillions.

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