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EuroMillions creates two Belgian multimillionaires in two weeks



Here’s the news: on 25th October, a EuroMillions player from Belgium hit the massive £44.7 million (€50.1 million) EuroMillions jackpot. As luck would have it, this happened only two weeks after another lucky lottery player from Belgium banked the enormous £153.3 million (€168 million) EuroMillions jackpot at the Tuesday draw on 11th October.

Now, there is a huge difference between the two recently won EuroMillions jackpots in Belgium as the one that was won two weeks ago is triple the latest won one. Still, £44.7 million is A LOT of money, don’t you think?

Let’s check out some of the things you can treat yourself with as a Belgium multimillionaire:

1. The most expensive Belgian chocolate

Grand Cru from Pierre Marcolini is officially the priciest chocolate you will find in Belgium. Priced at $102.50, this innovative chocolate delight flavored with fresh vanilla is created by Pierre Marcolini – a renowned gourmet chocolatier from Belgium. Needless to say, the ingredients used for its make are of the finest quality and the chocolatier’s craftsmanship can be compared to that of a master chef.

2. The most expensive Belgian beer

Brewdog’s End of History is not only the most expensive Belgian beer, but it is also the third strongest and second most expensive beer in the world! Priced at $765 per 330ml, this is an exclusive blond Belgian ale that features nettles and juniper berries. Freeze distilled multiple times, this liquid gold is a rare find as only 12 bottles exist, and each one is made of taxidermied roadkill. No kidding.

3. The most expensive Belgian painting

Michaël Borremans’ “Girl with duck” (oil on canvas, 2011) was sold about a year ago (on 15th October 2015) at the London auction house Sotheby's for the stellar price of £2,045,000. Yes, that’s over 2 million pounds that officially make Michaël Borremans Belgium's most expensive living artist. Perhaps one of the two brand new EuroMillions Belgian jackpot winners will order a painting (or two) to the famous Belgian artist. They surely can afford it!

4. World’s most expensive diamond boots

These boots aren’t made for walking… The pair of black leather ankle boots features a paisley pattern entirely covered in diamonds (white, natural, champagne, gray, and pink ones). The total number of diamonds used on these fancy boots is not less nor more than 38,883 diamonds or 1,527 karats, to be precise. Oh, and the designers needed almost 5 kg gold to attach the diamonds to the boots so they must be great for working out as well. I promise you to start sweating just at the thought of putting them on.

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