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Incredibly Lucky Couple Wins EuroMillions Twice!


Two-time EuroMillions Winners

Lightning does strike twice. An incredibly lucky couple from Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire have defied astronomical odds by winning £1 million pounds on EuroMillions – not once, but twice!

News broke yesterday – April 1st – so obviously we were sceptical, however Camelot have confirmed that couple have indeed won again on the 27 March EuroMillions draw.

David and Kathleen Long aren’t the first people to win big twice, but they are the first to go public. David doesn’t keep his method secret, he says the best time to play is when there are lots of prizes available.

The former lorry driver retired after his last win and will now be driving a new F-Type Jaguar. The car can be considered the cherry on top – another prize in addition to his two big lottery wins. 

 Overcoming Huge Odds 

By winning the lottery twice the couple have overcome odds of over 253 billion to 1. Bookmakers are flabbergasted by the win but have clamoured to draw comparisons, though none can compare.

When we talk about lottery odds a common comparison we hear is that it’s like meeting someone at random in a large city like London or New York then going home and calling a random number and getting through to the same person. 

In this instance, however, you’re talking about a mythical city with the combined population of India and China. 

But David Long doesn’t see it that way; “All you've got to do is believe you're going to do it”, he told the press.

"I always knew I'd win, even the first time - I just had a feeling it was going to be me."

 The First Win 

The couple’s first win, back in 2013, could not have come at a better time. David had been quite ill and, following the win, both he and his partner were able to retire and, after 12 years of engagement, finally tie the knot. 

Unlike many lottery winners the couple haven’t splurged much, other than David buying a new home for his mum.

The lucky couple came very close to loosing it all, however, the original winning ticket had been thrown in the bin before they fished it out for a second glance – lucky for them they did huh?!

 The Second Win 

“When I won it the first time, and everything settled down and that, I believed I was going to do it again ... I kept saying to friends and some of the family… I'm going to do it again!”

And he was right.

Indeed when his wife checked the numbers she was stunned, telling her husband, “you said you'd do it again and you have!”

She later told the press that “everything has been a blur ever since."

The couple are now planning a huge celebration for their family and friends and there’s also talk of a Mediterranean cruise. David says there’s “no excuse” for not taking a long holiday and, as he’s afraid of flying, has instead opted to travel by sea instead. 

So, do you think two wins is enough for David and Kathleen? Well think again. Because they’re not done yet – not by a longshot, which, of course, is what these lucky winners are all about! They prove that, however high the odds are, nothing is impossible.

Tomorrow night’s EuroMillions jackpot is worth £10 million. And, as David reminds us, don’t forget those lower tier prizes either since the odds of winning are higher still. So, if you fancy having the best Good Friday ever play EuroMillions online now!