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20.03.2018 - Tuesday

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What Are The Chances Of Winning EuroMillions?


Change Your Life With EuroMillions

We're always hearing about people who won EuroMillions. Month after month we're regaled with newspaper articles of newly-minted multimillionaires and, even in those weeks when there aren't any big jackpot winners, there's still plenty of stories about those who won large cash prizes.

But what are the odds that you will experience the same thing?

Or, to put it another way, what are the chances of winning EuroMillions?

Your Chances Of Hitting The Jackpot On EuroMillions

…Aren't that great.

Fact is you're up against an entire continent. Yet every month people beat the odds and win.

Odds that stand at 116,531,800:1 – so hitting the jackpot's hardly a pushover!

Still, it can happen, and it does happen – quite regularly too.

Take heart, also, at the fact that, despite those high odds, Britain has a strong track record with EuroMillions.

We're actually forth in terms of overall jackpot wins – a few more and we'll finally beat, Portugal, our biggest EuroMillions rival.

And when we win, boy do we win big – in fact two of the top five biggest wins of all time were from UK players.

Twelve More Ways To Win

Some say thirteen's an unlucky number, but not when we're talking about EuroMillions! Europe's favourite lottery gives you thirteen different ways to win. Which means, aside from the jackpot, there's another twelve prize tiers. That's more than twice that of the UK Lotto, which only gives you six.

It should be pointed out, also, that EuroMillions runner up prizes can be quite large too – sometimes enormously so!

The odds of hitting the jackpot are high, but for the second prize it's just 6,473,989 – and can easily set you up for life. Half that amount again and you have the third prize odds – a nice hefty sum, too, which, depending on the prize pool, could easily set you up with a nice new home – or, if you're more adventurous, one hell of a sportscar!

The difference between chance and change is just one letter, and seven numbers away. And you'll be hard pressed to find anything out there that has the power to change your life as dramatically as EuroMillions.