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Yet Another Mystery EuroMillions Winner


Lottery Detective

If you found out you'd won £35 million you'd be in a hurry to collect right? I know I would. Yet somewhere out there is somebody who's won exactly that amount but still hasn't come forward. 

Who is this mystery winner, and why have they not come forward? For all you know that mystery winner could be your next door neighbour, it could be that old lady sitting next to you on the bus, or that sulky guy at the office who never says hi to anyone. Let's hope it's not that guy!

Truth is the only person I know for sure it isn't is me, because I've already checked. I always check my EuroMillions results religiously.

The Game's Afoot

So, now that we've eliminated one suspect, let's move on to the next suspect – you!

Did you buy a EuroMillions ticket last Friday that you forgot to check? If so you'll want to head to the EuroMillions number checker and see if you're a winner.

Even if you haven't won the jackpot there's still a strong chance you won a prize, which is why always urge everyone to check their tickets carefully, rather than just throwing them in the bin.

Hopefully we'll have solved this big mystery already, otherwise, if it's not me, and it's not you, it can only be…. Somebody else!

Which broadens our search considerably and brings up an even bigger question – why would that someone else not have claimed their ticket in the first place?

As of today there are two recent jackpot wins unclaimed, the £35 million jackpot in the UK, and Tuesday's jackpot worth €15 million, which was won by a player in Portugal. Neither winner has come forward as yet but we really hope they do so they can claim their life-changing wins. 

It would also solve our little mystery, but until then let's keep sleuthing. Usually, in these cases, it's one of three reasons:

Reason #1 – They're Biding Their Time

Now in this case we must commend their pragmatism. As we've said time and time again winning the lottery is a life-changing event and life-changing events aren't something to be taken lightly. So when lucky winners actually take their time to come to terms with the magnitude of their win and get their head right then we commend them. It's elementary, my dear reader!

Reason #2 – They Don't Know Yet

Perhaps they don't actually know they've won yet. Which happens more often than you might think. Perhaps they've taken a late holiday to try grab that last bit of sun down in Spain, maybe they're sprawled out on a beach somewhere, or maybe they've just been way too busy juggling their work and their lives.

Maybe, as with the recent story of an American lottery winner that made headlines last week, they simply forgot to check their ticket and it's accidentally been left lying in a pile of papers and unread letters – the "I'll sort it later" pile, we all have one of those, right? (Maybe you should check yours now!)

Reason #3 – They Lost The Ticket

This happens a lot more than it ought to – sad but true. It's also the main reason we urge players to play online because it solves both reasons automatically. Firstly, if you play online with Lottoland you'll get notified of any wins straight away and, secondly, you can't loose a digital ticket like you can a paper one.

Paper can end up anywhere, despite your best efforts, it's all too easily misplaced, lost, thrown out, burned in the fireplace… So our advice to you – forget paper, it's so last millennium –  go digital!

Claim What's Rightfully Yours!

If you're still playing EuroMillions the old fashioned way you're still in danger of suffering the same fate. Every year, hundreds of millions of pounds worth of lottery wins go unclaimed – a tragedy that need never happen in the first place.

If you're an avid EuroMillions player you can sign up and get your first line free at Lottoland where, since everything's digital and automatic, unclaimed lottery jackpots are a thing of the past. Don't miss out on your chance to win this Friday's massive £11 million jackpot by enjoying everyone's favourite lottery, EuroMillions, online!