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26. January 2018

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23.01.2018 - Tuesday

  • 5
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EuroMillions jackpot rolls over to €24 mn, will Friday the 14th prove luckier for UK players?


Win EuroMillions November

Coming shortly after the dramatic joint-jackpot win of last Friday - one of the winners British and the other of French nationality at that - everyone’s been quite excited about the lotto results this week. Tuesday’s jackpot started off at €15 mn ( £11 mn) following Friday’s win and has rolled over to a more enticing €24 mn (£19 mn) now; we are quite hoping the coming weekend ushers in more good times for folks in the UK.

Tuesday’s draw did not produce any major wins, as ticket-holders were unable to match either of the Lucky Stars that evening. The main numbers were 2, 14, 21, 36 and 46 and the Lucky Stars were 7 and 11. Lady Luck decided to skip the top two prize-levels altogether, with the action starting somewhat disappointingly low from the 5-matched-numbers tier onwards, where 7 players scooped up £137,598 (€186,683) each. Another 34 players managed to match 4 main numbers plus both Lucky Stars for individual prize-kitties of £3,541 (€4,804). Not exactly a poor haul, just a tad less spectacular compared to some of the recent wins we have seen on Euromillions, and even the more common rollover routine which still produces winners for the Match 5 +1 Star combo - all the more reason, perhaps, to hope and believe that the next draw scheduled this Friday will involve better luck and fortune!

Identities of the two winners from the more successful draw last Friday have yet to be revealed; however, what is very well known by now is that these lucky folks are each some €16.5 mn (£12.9 mn) richer. Meanwhile, the mystery mega-winner of the Oct 23 Super Draw has come forward to collect his/ her stunning €190 mn ( £150 mn) jackpot, though the new multi-millionaire from Portugal continues to remain most elusive!

Mega Fridays

News is also trickling in from the Mega Friday draw, launched on Oct 31, which comes bearing the rich promise of freshly minted batches of 25 UK millionaires every month. Winners of October’s draw include individuals as well as syndicates, like the one in Grimsby where the £1 mn prize-money is being split up amongst all 27 of its employees – though it is not yet clear how they plan to use up the bonus beach-vacation bonanza for up to 8 people per winner, which is also part of the windfall. For lucky Hampshire residents David and Sam Mackie, it’s a chance to redo things in real style, including an exotic honeymoon which they did not have an opportunity for earlier. The young couple from Basingstoke have been married for 2 years, have two young sons, and are reportedly quite over the moon at the prospect of an amazing all-expenses paid family holiday in Australia. We are sure Sam will find it somewhat less glamorous to return to her old nursing job after all the sunset yacht cruises and 5-star spa treatments, should she decide to.

So, why not fix up a date with fortune this Friday, and have some fun with family and friends while you’re at it – Euromillions ticket sales for the next draw are open as late as Friday evening on!