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20.03.2018 - Tuesday

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Euromillions Black Friday double whammy – a fine £50 mn jackpot and 10 guaranteed new millionaires in the UK!


EuroMillions Black Friday

Fans of the Euromillions draw are in for a toasty treat in these chilly times. The upcoming draw on 28th November comes with a 5x rolled-over massive £50 mn jackpot, lotto players are sure to be praying for something to be truly thankful about this season of miracles!

Tuesday’s draw saw 5 lucky players, none from the UK, matching 5 main numbers plus 1 Lucky Star and scooping up €244,414 each. There were 5 more winners for the Level 3 prize who matched all 5 main numbers to take home £58,325 (€81,471) each. The winning main numbers were 3, 7, 25, 32 and 36 with Lucky Stars 1 and 6. The draw saw over £2 mn being won by various other ticket-holders who won amounts between £2.70 (€3.80) for matching 2 main numbers and £2,916 (€4,073) for matching 4 main numbers and both Lucky Stars. In addition, a lucky player from the UK became a brand new millionaire through the Millionaire Maker raffle with ticket number SDM049114.

It is noteworthy that there hasn’t really been any huge jackpot hit this month, the lone jackpot that was won on 7th Nov is now almost 3 weeks behind us, which was shared by 2 winners at that – one home-grown and the other from France. All the more reason for us to look forward to an end-of-the-month blitz, though! And it sure looks promising with the fat £50 mn jackpot; why, with the National Lottery celebrating 20 years this month, players can surely look forward to fame and fireworks of their own!

28 Nov is also a Mega Friday draw-date, which means that apart from the main game winners, a grand total of 10 lucky winners will be picked out by the Millionaire Maker raffle, who go on to win a million each and a chance to jet off to warmer and more exotic climes in the Southern hemisphere, leaving behind the depressing drizzles and deadly draughts plaguing the UK right now. Take your pick from historic Peru, vibrant Brazil and sun-blessed Australia, now wouldn’t it be nice if someone paid for the whole trip including a 5-star stay!

Launched last month with great fanfare and amid a lot of cheering from fans of the raffle game, Mega Friday draws are generally reserved for the last Friday of every month which creates multiple new millionaires from the UK alone as opposed to only one millionaire per regular draw, through the Millionaire Maker element of the draw. In addition to the jackpot money, each raffle winner is also entitled to non-cash prizes like all-expenses paid luxury holidays for family and friends. If the success of last month’s Mega Friday draw is to be an indication, things look very bright indeed for the good people of the UK. Just ask any one of those lucky 25 raffle winners who vacationed like kings in a private island in Australia!

Be sure to buy your tickets for this Friday’s $50 million EuroMillions draw. Tickets are available online and will be on sale until about 20 minutes before the draw, best not to leave it to the last minute though!