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6 Tips How To Enter The Lottery In The Year Of The Rooster



January 28, 2017 marks the beginning of the year of the rooster, according to the Chinese horoscope. How can this help you get better results when playing your favorite lottery, EuroMillions? Here’s a short verse that explains what the rooster is:

I am alert

Ready to take action

The first on the scene

The last to leave

I take chances

But I am precise

I know where things belong

I am orderly and fastidious

Nothing escapes me

I am always prepared

I never give up or in


Now, let’s take out the wisdom from this explanation and apply it to your lottery playing tactics for 2017:

Be alert and ready to take action

Don’t just fill in your EuroMillions Betslip when you feel lucky or based on some habit you have. Be on the look for special draws and drawing events and be ready to play EuroMillions when you see that the jackpot has risen to amounts that are advertised on TV or the Internet.

Be the first on the scene and the last to leave

This is a particularly good advice if you tend to play only once in a while. Being the first on the scene and the last to leave means being persistent in your lottery playing routine. Make it a habit to participate regularly. This may mean participating in every draw or playing every week, etc. The point is that if you play regularly, you increase your chances to win.

Take chances

Life is about taking risks and chances. Don’t be a spectator of your life when you can be in the leading role, living your life to the fullest. You never know what will happen if you take a chance when it presents itself to you.

Don’t let anything escape you

Be on the look for signs all the time. Fate has different ways giving you opportunities to change your life. It may be a lucky number you had in your dream, a lucky dime you found on the street, etc. Don’t let such small details escape you and make use of them the next time you play EuroMillions.

Be always prepared

When it comes to playing the lottery, experienced lottery players are always prepared. They have a separate budget for playing the lottery and they use it wisely. Don’t spend all your lottery budget in only a few months as you never know when EuroMillions will surprise you with a special jackpot!

Never give up

If there is only one thing you should take away from the Rooster year and its symbolic meaning, it is to never give up. That’s the key to success, not only in the lottery but in any undertaking. With the lottery, in particular, this is crucial. Just imagine giving up playing your lucky numbers and seeing them as winning numbers on the first draw after you quit playing the lottery… Don’t let this happen to you!

The year of the rooster is all about accepting new challenges and being proactive in chasing your dreams. This applies to playing the lottery as well – be alert and ready to play when you see an opportunity to win the next big EuroMillions jackpot. Take chances and don’t give up as you never know which draw will make you the next lottery millionaire!