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5 New Lottery Resolutions You Should Make For 2017

At the beginning of the New Year, we all make some New Year resolutions. For some, they include drinking less and living a healthier life. For others, it’s climbing up the corporate ladder, traveling more, getting married, etc.

What about lottery players? Shouldn’t we all make some lottery New Year’s resolutions? I say yes! Here’s a list of the 2017 lottery resolutions I made – feel free to use it as a source of inspiration for your 2017 lottery playing strategy:

1. Be persistent

If you’ve read my previous posts, you know I am an avid online lottery player. My favorite lottery is EuroMillions and I’ve been playing it for years at Lottoland. However, I must admit I have not been playing as regularly as I wish. One of the reasons is that I use the subscription feature and I usually choose a duration of 4 weeks. When this period is over, I often forget to subscribe again and I lose the chance to participate in a draw or two until the next time I subscribe. In 2017, I simply included the monthly EuroMillions subscription in my monthly to-do tasks (like paying bills, etc.) so it doesn’t get forgotten!

2. Buy lottery tickets as presents

I have always wanted to buy lottery tickets as birthday presents for my friends and relatives but I very rarely remember this. In 2017, all my friends and relatives will get their special EuroMillions ticket as a present for their birthdays, with specially picked numbers that include their birthday and any special dates/numbers we share together. For example, the number of years we’ve known each other or the number of times I helped them pack when moving to a new rented flat.

3. Try new lotteries

I cannot get enough of EuroMillions and their impressive jackpots. I know how to play it, it’s familiar and convenient, and everything. But there are so many other lotteries I can choose from at Lottoland! For 2017, I challenge myself to take a new road once in a while and try some of the other lotteries offered at Lottoland, just so I try something new and see how it feels. Maybe I’ll find a new favorite, whos knows?

4. Be more patient

I get pretty impatient when it comes to playing certain numbers. For example, I play the same numbers for several draws and then I change them if they don’t bring me luck. But I have seen my lucky numbers been drawn several draws after I give them up. Believe me, it’s not pretty. So, in 2017, I promise myself to be more patient and play my numbers a little longer.

5. Go for the quick pick once in a while

When I play EuroMillions, I can get pretty obsessed with the numbers I play. Sometimes, I spend days thinking about what will my next lucky combination be. While this keeps me entertained for hours at times, it can get a bit overwhelming. In 2017, I promise myself to give my pure luck a chance once in a while and opt for a quick pick at least once a month to see what fate has in store for me!

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