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The 3 Most Ridiculous Things Money Can Buy

When you have a lot of money (as is the case with celebrities and EuroMillions jackpot winners, for example), you sometimes get bored and look for something ridiculous to buy. Why would you do that? Well, mainly because you have the money and you want to do something that would make people say something like, “He’s extravagant and he can afford it, I wish I was as rich as him!”

In case you are a celebrity or a EuroMillions jackpot winner who has difficulties spending their heaps of money (you are more than welcome to call me for help either way), here are a few suggestions that might cheer you up and bring you back your faith in luxurious life:

1. Diamond Contact Lenses

Price: $15,000

Usability: Somewhere (way) below zero.

OK, wearing contact lenses featuring 18 diamonds is beyond me. Being short-sighted, I am well aware of the discomfort glasses and contact lenses can cause. But diamond contact lenses? No, thanks. Unless you happen to buy one of Princess Diana’s old dresses at auction and put them on it. Now that’s extravagant.

2. A Roll of Gold Toilet Paper

Price: $1.38 million

Usability: It depends on the owner’s twisted mind.

Am I the only one who goes to the supermarket for some home supplies, gets in front of the toilet paper stand and thinks: “How come toilet paper is so expensive? What is it made of – gold or something?” Well, it turns out there is toilet paper made of 22 carat gold flakes. We are talking 3-ply rolls here! If you are looking for more ingenious ways to flush your money down the toilet, just call the Toilet Paper Man! He’s from Australia but you will get your order hand-delivered worldwide. Just in case.

3. Diamond LCD TV

Price: $130,000

Usability: This one is actually usable. Go figure!

If you are a gadget freak, you know that latest technology comes with a corresponding price tag. Unlike most new gadgets that get to reasonable price levels after a few months, though, Yalos Diamond LCT TV is not going down in price any time soon. The reason? It features a white gold film and 20 carat gold diamonds. Luckily, the diamonds are all on the frame of the TV, but just imagine how way much more extravagant it would be if they’d found a way to incrust the screen itself with diamonds! You don’t have much imagination, Yalos guys.

With a whopping £12 million up for grabs this week, don't forget to grab your lotto lines and be in with a chance of banking the jackpot.

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