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On Love, Luck and Lottery

It’s February again and, obviously, love is in the air. As much as I don’t like the commercial side of St Valentine’s Day, I must admit most people who are in love feel extra special in February. Maybe it’s because of all the fluffy hearts and Facebook ads for romantic dinners, chocolate/wine sets, and getaways. Whatever it is, it gets to people’s hearts and stays there up until the beginning of spring (when we all start planning how to get in shape for summer). But I digress.

A lucky Spanish lottery player gets €25.8 Million EuroMillions Jackpot


There must be something in the air these days and it must be luck! How can you otherwise explain that yet another impressive EuroMillions jackpot has been won last Tuesday? That’s two jackpots (and over €114 million) in seven days! Only a week after the jaw-dropping EuroMillions jackpot of €88,587,275 was won by an Irish lotto player, the jackpot is down again. This time, the winner is Spanish and the jackpot is no less than €25.8 Million!

Fortune Teller Predicts The EuroMillions Results

Fortune Teller

Whether you believe in mediums or not, Lynne Groves’ story is here to prove that your next EuroMillions win can actually be predicted by a fortune teller. Here’s how it all happened for her:

6 Tips How To Enter The Lottery In The Year Of The Rooster


January 28, 2017 marks the beginning of the year of the rooster, according to the Chinese horoscope. How can this help you get better results when playing your favorite lottery, EuroMillions?

5 New Lottery Resolutions You Should Make For 2017


At the beginning of the New Year, we all make some New Year resolutions. For some, they include drinking less and living a healthier life. For others, it’s climbing up the corporate ladder, traveling more, getting married, etc. What about lottery players? Shouldn’t we all make some lottery New Year’s resolutions? I say yes! Here’s a list of the 2017 lottery resolutions I made – feel free to use it as a source of inspiration for your 2017 lottery playing strategy:

4 Lotteries You Should Definitely Play This Holiday Season


Whether you are a seasoned lottery player or you just buy a lottery ticket when a birthday or another holiday gets you in the mood for lottery playing, you just can’t miss the opportunity to play at least one of these 4 lotteries offering special holiday draws that can literally change your life in 2017:

EuroMillions Lucky Star Numbers And Their Hidden Meaning (Part 2)


In part 1 of this article we discussed the hidden meaning of Lucky Stars 1 to 6 and we figured out that one can bring you endless possibilities, two is a weak number with no center, three is a promise for new adventures, four is the number of perfection in Hindu, five is an adventurous number, and six is considered the perfect number.

EuroMillions Lucky Star Numbers And Their Hidden Meaning

Lucky Stars

Every lottery player knows that in order to win the next EuroMillions Jackpot, you have to match 5 main numbers plus 2 Lucky Stars. Choosing your EuroMillions winning numbers may be a piece of cake for a seasoned player but inexperienced players sometimes find it difficult to make the right choice.

£33.5 million went to a French lottery player thanks to EuroMillions


EuroMillions made yet another French lottery player a multi-millionaire! On 8th November, the EuroMillions’ Tuesday draw created the 81st French jackpot winner thanks to the lucky numbers 5, 9, 47, 49 and 50 with Lucky Stars 8 and 9.
What is a Frenchman to do with so many millions in his bank account? I say, celebrate in (French) style!

Lottoland Guarantees A £50 Million Jackpot Until 2017


You might have heard of EuroMillions Mega Weeks, but we're here to tell you about something even better – Lottoland's £50 million guaranteed jackpot! Between November and December 2016 Lottoland are fixing their EM jackpot at £50 million, giving you the chance to win some seriously huge jackpots!

EuroMillions creates two Belgian multimillionaires in two weeks


Here’s the news: on 25th October, a EuroMillions player from Belgium hit the massive £44.7 million (€50.1 million) EuroMillions jackpot. As luck would have it, this happened only two weeks after another lucky lottery player from Belgium banked the enormous £153.3 million (€168 million) EuroMillions jackpot at the Tuesday draw on 11th October.

EuroMillions Mega Week Creates Another Millionaire


A lucky couple, Liz Anderson, 45, and Frank Coles, 51 (both from Bromley), are probably still celebrating their massive win that took place in last month’s EuroMillions Mega Week. They scooped the sweet £1,248,880 on 27th September thanks to Liz, who didn’t forget about EuroMillions special draw and she made sure she was among the lottery players that could win a million pounds plus a luxury Mega Week millionaire travel experience.

Belgium’s biggest EuroMillions winner claims €168 million

Brussels in Belgium

EuroMillions draw that took place on 11th October (last Tuesday) made Belgium’s biggest EuroMillions winner €168 million richer. Wow, that’s a lot of millions.

The winner has Albanian origin and lives in Brussels. A father of four, he may not find it very difficult to spend his newly-acquainted fortune… The impressive jackpot he won is in top 5 of the biggest EuroMillions jackpots ever and made him the richest Belgian EuroMillions winner. 

Have Another Shot At The £151 EM Jackpot


It's over, the insane run of Superdraw rollovers has come to an end! It's back to earth with a bang for those of us who didn't win big, and a very very good Wednesday for the lucky Belgian winner who scooped the £151 million jackpot!

Cheap EuroMillions Tickets - How To Beat The Price Hike

£2 Coins

Loyal EuroMillions players will know the price of each ticket to the main EuroMillions draw has risen by a shocking 25%, meaning a single line now costs £2.50, instead of the traditional £2.00. Players are, understandably, angry at this dramatic change in the cost of entry, especially when you factor in the addition of another Lucky Star number – which has lengthened the jackpot odds from 1 in 117 million to 1 in 140 million. But don't despair! There is a great way to beat the price hike and continue your quest for the EuroMillions jackpot for just £2 per line. 

5 Myths About The Lottery You Should Stop Falling For


The myths and legends about the lottery are probably older than lottery itself! It is ridiculous that there are still people who believe in them and swear by some magic powers that increase their chances to win. If you want to play wise and become the next EuroMillions jackpot winner, read on for the 5 myths about the lottery you should stop falling for:

5 ways to stay anonymous if you win the lottery

Anon Woman

With its jackpot starting at €15 million, hitting the EuroMillions top prize is a big deal. Almost all lottery winners find it difficult to keep the good news to themselves, though. Unfortunately, this attracts some unwanted publicity that throws a shadow on the cloudless days they are living as new lottery millionaires. If you want to stay anonymous after you become the next EuroMillions jackpot winner, read on for the 5 best ways to do it:

The 4 Best Lottery Movies Every EuroMillions Player Should Watch

Woman Watching TV

Every EuroMillions player has their tips and tricks for winning the lottery and hitting the next big jackpot. There’s always something new to learn about the lottery, though, and Hollywood has some amazing lottery movies you can watch and gather some lottery wisdom (and luck lessons) from. Here’s our list of the 4 best lottery movies every EuroMillions player should watch:

Dating A EuroMillions Winner

Awkward Couple

Jane Park (now 20), is Britain’s first EuroMillions lottery winner. She became a millionaire in 2012 when she scooped a £1 million EuroMillions jackpot. The young lady is under pressure these days as her boyfriend, Connor George (21) is about to leave for a week holiday in sunny Ibiza (no girlfriends allowed). This fact apparently made the young millionaire lady quite uncomfortable as she came up with an ingenious way to keep other girls away from her boyfriend while he is away on the sunny beaches of Ibiza with his lads. She managed to think of 20 (twenty) hilarious rules Connor should follow while trying to enjoy his time away from her. Here are the funniest ones:

Family lottery syndicate becomes £61M richer thanks to EuroMillions

Happy Couple

EuroMillions draw that took place on Friday 29th July made a family lottery syndicate obscenely rich thanks to the whopping EuroMillions jackpot of £61 million. It was about time somebody won this incredible jackpot – after 6 rollovers it entered the top ten of the biggest jackpots ever given away by the EuroMillions draw!



The new EuroMillions changes have been announced for September and not everyone's happy. The price will rise by 50p as will the odds against you winning the jackpot, by a considerable amount. The media's being sketchy, the public is angry and the organizers are being labelled "greedy". However, what few publications seem to know that there's a way to beat the price hike completely…

EuroMillions Price Increase For September

Changes in Europe

It's happening again! We're midway through summer and already rule changes have been announced for another lottery – this time everyone's favourite, EuroMillions. There's some big changes coming in September, including a drastic overhaul of jackpots, rules and prices – so what does it mean for you, the player?  

Special EuroMillions Brexit Jackpot

EuroMillions Brexit Special Jackpot

Britain In, Britain Out – Britain Shake It All About! At least Britain's still a member of Europe's most beloved institution – EuroMillions. And while politicians do what they do best – blather, dither, bicker, stab each other in the back and waffle on endlessly about people they're completely out of touch with –  YOU can take advantage of bigger jackpots than ever before!

Winning The Lottery... Twice


Do you consider yourself lucky when you manage to enter the front door just as it starts to rain outside? Or when you happen to have the last beer in the fridge all for yourself? Think again! Luck has endless ways of showing us that the extraordinary is just around the corner, ready to surprise us anytime and make us believe that unusual and life changing things often happen to the most ordinary people.

3 Celebrities With Net Worth Less Than EuroMillions Starting Jackpot

man with money

With a minimum guaranteed jackpot of €15 million, EuroMillions is among the easiest and quickest ways for you to become a multi-millionaire. If you play regularly, you are given this amazing chance twice a week (with draws each Tuesday and Friday evening)!

Just imagine how many years of hard work you would have to endure to save this amount of money. In most cases, even a lifetime will not be enough…

Read on for our special collection of 3 celebrities with net worth less than €15 million (EuroMillions starting jackpot)

EuroMillons: What Is Fact And What Is Fiction?

Surprised Woman

EuroMillions, being amongst the most famous European lotteries and one of the most popular lottery draws, has always had an aura of mystery surrounding it. The Internet is full of rumours and myths so we've decided to throw some light on the most common claims that surround the draw, and once and for all state what is real and what isn't. 

EuroMillions Couple Gift £500,000 To Partick Thistle Football Club

Soccer Ball

Partick Thistle have been gifted a massive cash injection by EuroMillions winners Colin and Christine Weir. The couple, who won £161 million, have previously donated to the club.

EuroMillions Winners Generous Donation Pays For Fan's Funeral

Grimsby Town

A couple from Grimsby who won close to £5 million on EuroMillions have offered to pay for the funeral of a fellow football fan, who died on the way to Grimsby Town's play-off final.

Man Finds Winning Lottery Ticket While Cleaning

happy man

Housework doesn't always have to be a chore, especially if it wins you €500,000. A man in Dublin was tidying his house when he discovered a winning EuroMillions ticket discarded on his bedroom floor.

How To Increase Your Odds Of Winning EuroMillions


EuroMillions is one of the biggest international lotteries available in Europe. Every week it attracts millions of players who wish to change their fortunes. The question is, how can you really improve your chances of winning the jackpot?

How Will Brexit Impact The EuroMillions?


With the Brexit vote on the horizon, the UK's place in the European Union looks increasingly unstable as media outlets continually discussing the various ramifications of an out vote. Despite a range of more pressing concerns, fans of the EuroMillions may well have wondered just what Brexit might mean for their favourite European lottery draw?  Luckily, we have the answers.

EuroMillions vs. EuroJackpot


With the two most famous transnational lotteries being played by hundreds of millions Europeans, we decided to throw some light on their main features and let you decide which is best for you.

EuroMillions history


These and other amazing facts about the history of one of the most loved European lotteries, EuroMillions, you can find in the EuroMillions lottery history infographic especially for all the EuroMillions fans out there:

Storm In a Teacup?


Gillian Bayford purchased the modest sized Sugar and Spice café in Arbroath harbour for £150,000 in 2014, which had 21 members of staff. Employees were made to sign controversial zero hours contracts which included a gagging order, presumably to prevent them from telling the media about their millionaire owner's antics.

EuroMillions Winner Moves In Next To Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Some people might think Cristiano Ronaldo is the luckiest man in the world, but statistically he isn’t even the luckiest man on his street. At least not since a two-time lotto winner moved in next door.

Lottery Winner Goes Gaga for Music Memorabilia

Lady Gaga

Big spending Adrian Bayford has decided to get back to the 9 to 5, as he plans to re-open a high end 2nd hand music shop. The big spending lottery winners intends his new store to hold, amongst other things, the largest selection of Lady Gaga memorabilia in the world. 

Frenchwoman Spends A Fortune Thinking She Won EuroMillions

French Woman looking at Eifel Tower

There's wishful thinking, and then there's blatant stupidity. One Frenchwoman is making headlines this week for her epic display of the latter. She thought she won EuroMillions, but rather than doublecheck, or ring in, or basically try to verify her win she just ran out the door and went on an insane shopping binge. Only problem was – she wasn't a millionaire at all! 

7 Tips For Hitting The EuroMillions Jackpot

lottery jackpot

There is a reason we all love Europe’s largest transnational lottery. That reason is called “the EuroMillions jackpot”! Even though the odds of winning it can be somewhat discouraging (just 1 in almost 117 million), the incredible EUR190 million (the largest EuroMillions jackpot) is helping us all keep our eyes on the target, right?

EuroMillions Winning Combinations

Gold in Bank Vault

Winning EuroMillions is easier than you think! In fact there's few lotteries out there that give you as many winning chances as EuroMillions. There's a total of thirteen different ways to win and in this article we're going to look at those in detail so you know which specific number combinations you need to win each prize.

What Are The Chances Of Winning EuroMillions?

Change Your Life With EuroMillions

We're always hearing about people who won EuroMillions. Month after month we're regaled with newspaper articles of newly-minted multimillionaires and, even in those weeks when there aren't any big jackpot winners, there's still plenty of stories about those who won large cash prizes. But what are the odds that you will experience the same thing?

UK Lotto or EuroMillions – which is better?

Europe and UK

The UK Lotto's been in the news a lot lately. Early last month it reached a record-high jackpot of £66 million. There were two winning tickets worth €33 million each. Quite a large amount of money, for sure, but it's hard to get excited when that's just an average week on EuroMillions. At the time of writing the jackpot is €11 million, following this weekend's £50.4 million win. But this is just one of many reasons why EuroMillions is the better lottery. Not only does it give you bigger jackpots, it gives you lots more ways to win too.

The Perfectly Timed £350K Euromillions Win

Irish country road

If there is a perfect time to win the lottery, it would be the time when an Irish family hit the £350K Euromillions win earlier this month. Luck struck on the 15th January when the lucky family matched all five main numbers plus one lucky star. The EuroMillions ticket they bought was a quick pick ticket bought in the town of Middleton, Co. Cork – famous throughout the world as being the home of Middleton whiskey. 

Five Silly Superstitions Everyone Is Falling For (Including You)


Superstitions are very common, yet most of them lack even the slightest piece of logic and, frankly speaking, they just make no sense at all. Here’s a list of the silliest superstitions everyone is falling for (including you):

Happy New Year From EuroMillions

New Years Celebrations Europe

Happy New Year everyone! As the champagne hangovers fade and the Christmas decorations get taken down taking us back to the winter grey it can make things appear somewhat dreary for a while. Still, don't worry we've got plenty of excitement ahead of us thanks to EuroMillions! 

Have A Happy Christmas – With EuroMillions

Christmas Money

Fancy some extra Christmas cheer? How does ten million pounds sound? Well that's how much you could win on tonight's EuroMillions. Beat the odds and pick seven numbers correctly and you could end up with the ultimate stocking filler just in time to have your best Christmas ever!

Making Your Own Luck

Lucky cloud

Tuesdays and Fridays are special days for me. They kind of pop out of the calendar and look bigger and brighter. Why is that? It’s because these are my special lucky days – on Tuesdays and Fridays I get not just one but two opportunities to win EuroMillions every week! 

What\'s  The Deal With Portugal?

Portugal Wins

So, yet another Superdraw has been and gone. Finally a winner has emerged and the winning ticket was sold in Portugal – AGAIN!  The winners, who opted to remain anonymous, have two daughters and also grandchildren.They're also the third EuroMillions Superdraw winners from Portugal in just over a year.  

EuroMillions Jackpot Hits £101 Million

Aston Martin

Even though Friday’s EuroMillions draw lead to a rollover (again), five players still managed to win a nice £441,327 each by matching 5 main numbers plus 1 Lucky Star. That’s one of the things I like about playing EuroMillions – no jackpot winners and still there are five people (two of them from the UK) whose lives will be changed forever…

How To Play EuroMillions

How To Play EuroMillions

Unless you've just been thawed out after 50 years like Captain America you've no doubt heard of EuroMillions. And you'll have no doubt have noticed there's quite a lot of chatter about it this past few weeks. Maybe you haven't really paid much attention before, but we can give you 91 million reasons why you should now. Time to find out what all the hype's about.

Hunting The EuroMillions Superdraw Jackpot

Lioness Hunting

€100 million, or £71 million pounds, that's how much is up for grabs on the EuroMillions Superdraw on Friday, November 6th. Will that amount be won? Or will it rollover? It's impossible to say for sure, but, even without those big fat rollovers, it's a jackpot worth fighting for. And we've got something that makes it even easier to participate and ensures you're covered either way. 

Time Is Running Out To Get Your Golden EuroMillions Ticket

The Golden Ticket

No doubt you already know about the November 6th Superdraw but have you heard about the EuroMillions Golden Ticket yet? With a EuroMillions Golden Ticket you get 100 free quick-picks for the upcoming Superdraw – that's 100 chances to win big on EuroMillions, valued at £200, for free!

Your Chance To Make EuroMillions History

British EuroMillions History

Friday November 6th, 2015 – put it in your smartphone, on your computer, or, if you're old school like me, mark it in your calendar! It's the date of the next EuroMillions SuperDraw – and your chance to make EuroMillions history!

Couple Fetches Double EuroMillions Win After Labrador Retrieves Missing Ticket

Couple Wins EuroMillions Twice After Their Dog Finds Ticket

They say every dog has his day and that's certainly the case for Ruby, the lovable Labrador who helped an Isle of Wight couple win a £300,000 double win playing EuroMillions. 

How To Pick The Best EuroMillions Numbers

Best Lottery Numbers

Statistically speaking there's a chance you're playing the lottery wrong, and have been for years. In this article you'll find out what exactly are the best EuroMillions numbers, how to pick them as well as the verifiable science behind this methodology. 

EuroMillions Super Draw – November 6th, 2015

EuroMillions Superdraw coming in November

Breaking news! The date has been set for the next EuroMillions Super Draw where players compete to win a massive EuroMillions jackpot worth €100 million, or approximately £73.5 million! 

Yet Another Mystery EuroMillions Winner

Lottery Detective

If you found out you'd won £35 million you'd be in a hurry to collect right? I know I would. Yet somewhere out there is somebody who's won exactly that amount but still hasn't come forward. 

Who Forgets A Million Pounds?


If you won a million pounds would you forget to collect it? Someone from North Devon did. The player managed to win a prize worth £1 million but never came forward to claim it. Now the designated time to collect the prize has elapsed.

Tips To Win EuroMillions

EuroMillions winner

I am sure you all want to know the secret formula that will make you a millionaire overnight. Well, even if I knew it (which I don’t), I wouldn’t have shared it here because it would mean so many people will win at the same time that no one will end up being a millionaire.

EuroMillions Jackpots for Britain and Austria

Big Wins for Austria and Britain

Ok, it's time to stop the frenzied search. The nation went into a panic when it was announced that a massive EuroMillions jackpot had yet to be claimed. Up and down the country people hastily upturned sock drawers, rummaged through presses, upturned sofas and cushions and detailed their cars in the hope that they might be the lucky winners. And, perhaps in one instance at least, the search proved successful. 

Inspiring Rags To Riches Stories

From Rags To Riches

There are people who are born rich and there are people who got to the top the hard way. Some are simply born into a life of luxury and privilege, such as the Royal Family or members of business dynasties, who have known nothing but luxury from the cradle. But there are some people who hadn’t had the luck to be born into such privilege. These are people who have started climbing on the ladder of success from the bottom step. Some of them weren’t even close to getting on the ladder in the first place.

The Worries Of The Rich

Worried rich man

Becoming a millionaire. That’s what we’re all after when playing the lottery. But does it necessarily mean that the heaps of money will make your worries just go away? Well, maybe you won’t think about problems like paying the rent, losing your job, falling into serious debt or filling your fridge, but, as you'll see, being rich does not equal being worry-free either.

The Funniest Lottery Facts

Funny Cat

Playing the lottery is fun in itself, but it has more to it than you can imagine! Check out these fun lottery facts that will totally make your day:

The Most Ridiculous Celebrity Purchases


Here are some of the most extravagant and ridiculous purchases that the rich and famous have made. It’s probably a good idea to grab a pen right now for you might need inspiration in case you run out of ideas on how to spend your lottery winnings in the most illogical way ever.

How To Side-Step The Official EuroMillions Cut-Off Time

How To Buy EuroMillions Tickets At The Last Minute

Imagine the following; on your way to buy your ticket you get caught up in the Friday evening rush hour. By the time you get to the counter you're told that it's too late to buy a ticket. Later on you hear there was no winner of that week's massive EuroMillions jackpot, then the announcer lists out the winning numbers – your winning numbers!

This situation is easily avoidable if you play online, however, and in this article we'll show you exactly how. 

How Men And Women Spend Their Money

Men & Women Spending

Arguing about what men and women spend their money on will not lead to anything good. While women believe men spend all their money on gadgets, alcohol and sport, men are certain women spend all their money on clothes and make up. The truth is we all spend our money on the same thing – having a good time. It just turns out that having a good time just has a lot of different meanings (usually opposing each other when it comes to the different genders).

Britain Wins Fourth EuroMillions Jackpot Of 2015

UK Winner of June EuroMillions Superdraw

Britain's on fire! Not literally of course, but the nation's certainly on a roll having won its forth EuroMillions jackpot of the year. This jackpot, the long-awaited summer Superdraw jackpot, rolled over to become the largest jackpot of the year. (At least so far!)

EuroMillions in June – Things Are Heating Up!

June 5th EuroMillions

Don't you just love British summers? The Met Office have recently released weather bulletins with flood warnings in effect in Scotland and Wales. Luckily EuroMillions have also released more inspiring news – there's a Superdraw on Friday June 5th! 

EuroMillions Superdraw June 5th

EuroMillions Superdraw June 5th

Are you excited about the latest EuroMillions Superdraw that’s set for June 5th? With a jackpot of £80 million who wouldn’t be?

Do you know how much £80 million actually is? To help you get the big picture, we’ve prepared some funny (yet accurate) statistics that will show you the weights and measures of £80 million. 

EuroMillions Superdraw – Friday 5th June 2015

EuroMillions Superdraw June 5th 2015

Never mind that cheesy EuroVision song contest. We never win it anymore and it's all just too weird these days. Besides, it's all a fix. And Terry Wogan agrees – and who wants to argue with Wogan? Besides there's a far more exciting European contest coming up that's a million times more exciting – actually, let's be specific, it's a hundred million times more exciting!

Life Changing Win For Lucky Couple

EuroMillions Winners April 2015

After Robert Bruce from Penrith won a sweet 727,308 share of the 2,181,924 Lotto jackpot in the 25th March draw, a Carlisle couple hit the 1,000,000 Euromillions prize in the UK Millionaire Maker draw that took place on 17th April!

Mystery Winners And Hail Mary Quickpicks

EuroMillions Winners Sought

It's a common story – people rush to buy tickets to play the EuroMillions but then forget to check their numbers after. Somewhere out there, perhaps even in your neighbourhood, there are millionaires in-waiting – lottery winners who are seemingly oblivious to the fact that they've just won a fortune! (And maybe that winner is you!)

April Showers For EuroMillions

EuroMillions April Showers

If you look at the latest EuroMillions results you will notice that luck was smiling on some, but not all recently. Much like April weather, Lady Luck is fickle, giving us plenty of prize winners but no jackpots.

The Most Eccentric Millionaires and Billionaires

Eccentric Billionaires and Millionaires

While being rich does have its advantages, it also has its drawbacks. One of the downsides is that having a lot of money will inevitably change you (one way or another). Here’s a list of some of the most eccentric millionaires and billionaires and the way their wealth changed them.

Generous Lottery Winners Part Two

Charitable Lottery Winners

Last week we looked at the story of Jane Park, the young lottery winner who became bored and disillusioned with the wealth and attention that comes from a lottery win and instead decided to start giving back. Have a look at these other lottery winners, who, having won big, decided instead to give vast amounts of their fortune away.

Generous Lottery Winners – Part One

Generous Lottery Winners

Jane Park is not your typical teenage lottery winner. The teenager became a media sensation when she won £1 million on her first ever lottery ticket when she was only 17. The hard-working winner is now chipping in to help a terminally ill boy realise his dreams. 

Another Win for Portugal!

Portugal Superdraw Win

It’s been just under a week since the big excitement of March 6th where the EuroMillions Superdraw was held, raising the jackpot to a massive €100 million. As a result players from all over Europe came out in force to play – 4 million people in total!

EuroMillions Superdraw On Friday, 6th March

EuroMillions Superdraw - March 6th, 2015

They say the one who waits for something good never waits too long. That much is certainly true when £75 million pounds is up for grabs. We are talking of course of the EuroMillions Superdraw. The most recent instalment of this European lottery event will be taking place on Friday the 6th of March.

Syndicate of Scottish bankers win £1.1 million

Scottish Syndicate 'banks' EuroMillions

All lottery players have equal chance of winning the EuroMillions. But the more tickets you buy, the higher the chance that lady luck will sprinkle some fortune on you.

Date Announced For 2015's First EuroMillions Superdraw

News EuroMillions

Exciting news for all EuroMillions players - the organisers of Europe's favourite lottery have announced the date for the first of 2015's Superdraws!

EuroMillions Winners Roundup January 2015

EuroMillions News January 2015

A lucky young Irishman gets a €500,000 welcome home, the ?Lucky 13? syndicate wins big in Lincolnshire and Spain and Portugal draw one all as two players share a split €32 million jackpot?

EuroMillions 2014

EuroMillions 2015

2014 saw 23 major wins in EuroMillions. It's less than last year, which saw 39 major wins, though that's because it was a record-high year for EuroMillions.
It was a good year for the Spanish, who won eight of the top 23 wins. In second place, the French, who celebrated five major wins and, in third place, the British with three.

EuroMillions millionaire via mail!

EuroMillions Millionaire letter

A Scottish couple arrived home from vacation to discover a letter telling them they’d won £1 million! Read more about the Millionaire Letter!

To retire or not to retire: the tales of 2 lottery winners

EuroMillions retire

Two recently EuroMillions winners make the choice to retire or not to retire. Read more about their decisions.

Euromillions Black Friday double whammy – a fine £50 mn jackpot and 10 guaranteed new millionaires in the UK!

EuroMillions Black Friday

Mary Hamilton of Northern Ireland has scooped a 13 million EuroMillions jackpot! Read more about what they plan to do with their grand prize.

From the “20 Years, 20 Winners Millionaire’s Ball”: When you are 28 and on top of the world

Millionaires Ball

November 19th, 2014 marked 2 decades of lottery in the UK. The UK Lottery celebrated by holding an exclusive Millionaire’s Ball including some of the EuroMillions biggest winners.

EuroMillions Superdraw set at £80 million - how would you spend the grand prize?

EuroMillions Superdraw

The final EuroMillions of 2014 takes place on the evening of Friday, October the 3rd. How would you spend £80 million?

Irish EuroMillions syndicate scoop £67 million

Lucky Irish lottery syndicate

An anonymous Irish lottery group has snagged a £87 EuroMillions fortune!

How to get lucky and win the Euromillions?

Lottery ticket on top of bank notes

Although attempting to win the lottery week in week out, chance never seemed to favour him - searching his luck did not produce the intended result - his exposure to chance was not rewarded. Until one day

Winning couple's Teletubbies home granted building permit

Serenity, the future home of the winning couple.

Back in February 2012, British couple Matt and Cassey Topham entered the EuroMillions hall of fame when they picked up a £45 million jackpot. It was only about six months after that their extravagant plans for a new home made headlines across the UK.

Would you keep on working?

Would you quit your job if you won the lottery?

Would you quit your job if you won the lottery? This is the question that remains to be answered for all lottery winners out there. See the results of the new survey here!

Boss ordered to share win with waiter

A dreaming waiter got his share of the lottery win

A restaurant owner was recently ordered to share his lottery win with his waiter, who had predicted his boss' win in a dream.

New date set for next EuroMillions Superdraw

The next EuroMillions Superdraw will take place on 3 October 2014.

It's on again! The next EuroMillions Superdraw will take place on 3 October 2014. The starting jackpots of all Superdraws is set to €100 million. That's about £80 million, which means there is plenty to look forward to.

£1m windfall expires

Yet another big EuroMillions prize goes unclaimed

Yet another big EuroMillions prize goes unclaimed - learn how to avoid this happening to you.

Young EuroMillions winner's spending spree

Matt Myles won the lottery and has since gone on a spending spree.

We have another winner - and this one knows how to spend his money. Briton Matt Myles has wasted no time since winning £1m on EuroMillions.

Pub landlord picks up £1m on Friday 13th

Pub landlord wins £1m on Friday the 13th

Pub landlord Nigel Willetts won £1m on EuroMillions with a ticket bought on the day of bad luck, Friday the 13th.

Mega jackpot postpones EuroMillions Superdraw

The EuroMillions superdraw has been postponed due to an enormous jackpot rollover.

The EuroMillions Superdraw has been pushed forward due to an enormous jackpot rollover.

French EuroMillions winner donates €50m to charity

A French lottery winner will donate the better part of his win to charity

This is the truly inspirational story of a French EuroMillions winner who donated €50m to charity.

More unclaimed tickets and other lottery fails

Epic fails on the lottery and failure to collect prizes

Read up on the coming EuroMillions Superdraw and check out the latest UK lottery winners.

Don't miss out on the EuroMillions Superdraw

Don't miss the upcoming EuroMillions Superdraw

Read up on the coming EuroMillions Superdraw and check out the latest UK lottery winners.

EuroMillions jackpot won by Briton finally claimed

The EuroMillions jackpot has been claimed by a Briton

The search is over! The British EuroMillions winner of an enormous £73 jackpot has finally claimed the prize. The winning numbers were drawn on ...

Briton lands £73 million jackpot on EuroMillions

British EuroMillions jackpot winner

We have another British EuroMillions winner! his is a windfall of enormous proportions. It is Britain's eighth biggest lottery win of all time! ...

Retford lottery syndicate served EuroMillions windfall

Kitchen staff won big on the lotto

It turns out nine canteen staff from a Retford preparatory school have been served a jackpot after dishing out on some EuroMillions ...

Third rollover brings EuroMillions jackpot up to £33 million!

A stack of euro

Friday saw yet another rollover in EuroMillions, bringing the jackpot for tonight's draw up to a colossal £33 million ...

Lucky lottery ticket finds - UK woman wins EuroMillions fortune

lucky lottery ticket found in UK

We all have a bit of rubbish at the bottom of our bags: unwrapped pieces of chewing gum, make-up and greasy coins. But sometimes you do find ...

EuroMillions vs. Eurojackpot. Which is the better lottery?

lucky lottery ticket found in UK

Want to start playing the lottery but not sure which game you should play? Here over at EuroMillions Online we've put together a ...

British Man Wins £107.9M EuroMillions Jackpot

It has been revealed that the winner of the EuroMillions jackpot of £107.9 million is a car mechanic ...

Top Euromillions Jackpot Winners

Neil Trotter became one of the UK's top lottery winners last weekend when he scooped the ...

Buy EuroMillions Superdraw tickets for Friday March 7 2014

This Friday's Euromillions superdraw has a guaranteed jackpot of £80,000,000. Introduced in 2004 there are now certain draws where the Euromillions jackpot gets increased, these 'superdraws' take place sporadically throughout the year when there is enough money in the kitty. Funds are added to the existing Euromillions jackpot to make it a 'superdraw' - for example ...

Warning! Keep your eyes open for the latest EuroMillions scam!

This week we've been informed of a new online scam which is targeting EuroMillions players by taking advantage of the generosity of some of its former ...

Winning EuroMillions Ticket Thrown into the Rubbish!

It's been revealed that the UK's newest millionaires had actually thrown their winning EuroMillions ticket away before fortunately fishing it ...

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