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Winning The Lottery ...Twice


Happy couple

Do you consider yourself lucky when you manage to enter the front door just as it starts to rain outside? Or when you happen to have the last beer in the fridge all for yourself? Think again! Luck has endless ways of showing us that the extraordinary is just around the corner, ready to surprise us anytime and make us believe that unusual and life changing things often happen to the most ordinary people.

Here’s the evidence. Read on for our favourite unbelievable (yet 100% true) stories of extremely lucky people who have won the lottery not once, but twice!

Mike McDermott (winning the lottery twice using the same numbers)

How lucky must you be to win the lottery not only once, but twice? On top of this, to win the lottery the second time using the exact same numbers you used the first time! And for all of this to happen to you within only a year… To be exact, the odds of this happening are a little over 5 trillion to one.

Mike McDermott (an electrician from Portsmouth, England) should know best as this is precisely what happened to him: he won about £200,000  in June 2007 and then lightning struck twice when he won another120,000 pounds using the same lucky numbers!

“I really am in disbelief,” he admitted after the second win, “I thought it was simply impossible to win twice like this - I can't believe such incredible luck.”

Jane and Alan Slater (winning the lottery twice buying 2 winning tickets for the same draw)

How amazing is this? To be honest, this has happened to me as well – buying two identical tickets with the same numbers (one for me and one for a family member). Unfortunately, my twin tickets didn’t win the jackpot, but that was not the case with Jane and Alan Slater!

Their winning EuroMillions tickets were worth £150,000 each and they were so overwhelmed by the news that they won that they forgot they bought two tickets using the same numbers for the same draw! Luckily, their dog helped them by finding the second winning ticket inside a catalogue on the back seat of their car.

“We had a lovely walk chatting about the amazing start to the week with our EuroMillions win and how lucky we had been”, Alan remembered, “As we got back in the car to head home Ruby hopped onto the back seat with me and disturbed this piece of paper inside a catalogue which gently floated down to my feet. I really can’t explain the way this piece of paper floated, it was like you see in slow motion in films, as though someone wanted me to notice it. I immediately reached down and picked up the slip of paper which turned out to be a [winning] lottery ticket.”

Mary Wollens (winning the lottery twice with numbers from a dream)

Luck has unusual ways to show the opportunities that can change our lives forever. This is easily understandable thanks to the amazing story of the 86-year-old (at the time) Mary Wollens who won the lottery twice by buying two winning tickets (from different stores) using numbers she saw in a dream. It was quite a dream she had – it secured a sweet winning of £8 million for her in a combined lottery win.

“I was lying in bed and I had a dream about numbers so I wrote them down when I woke up,” she recalled. “I won £500 on the very first ticket I ever bought,” she told the Sun. “I thought that it was such a good omen.”

The First Step To Winning Twice...

...Is winning once. And to do that you first need to participate in the draw. No better time than now then, with the EuroMillions jackpot worth an incredible €40 million!