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18.05.2018 - Friday

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Cheap EuroMillions Tickets - How To Beat The Price Hike


Two Euro coin

Loyal EuroMillions players will know the price of each ticket to the main EuroMillions draw has risen by a shocking 25%, meaning a single line now costs €2.50, instead of the traditional €2.00.

Players are, understandably, angry at this dramatic change in the cost of entry, especially when you factor in the addition of another Lucky Star number – which has lengthened the jackpot odds from 1 in 117 million to over 1 in 139 million.

But don't despair! There is a great way to beat the price hike and continue your quest for the EuroMillions jackpot for just €2 per line.

Online lottery betting company Lottoland have frozen the cost of entry to their EuroMillions jackpot at €2.00, allowing their players to enjoy all the benefits of the new draw format without having to fork out an extra 50c per line!

Play EuroMillions for €2.00 – only at Lottoland


A lot of players are wary of lottery betting, thinking that they'll be spending their money on an inferior product, or won't be guaranteed the big money payouts should they win big.

Not true! Betting on Lottoland's EuroMillions jackpot guarantees players the chance to win all the exact same prize tiers as the main draw. It doesn't matter whether you bank a few quid, or a cool €141 million jackpot.

Backed by a range of leading insurers, and fully regulated by Gibraltar Gambling Commission (who also monitor the likes of William Hill, Bet365, 888 and Ladbrokes), Lottoland provide a guaranteed payout on any prize, regardless of how big it is.

That's not all, the lotto betting model gives players a huge range of exclusive offers that take the lottery experience to an unprecedented new level. These include:

·       Special Jackpots – massive jackpot boosts on a wide range of lotteries, meaning Lottoland customers win bigger than anywhere else.

·       DoubleJackpot – this amazing feature is available on Lottoland's favourite draws, allowing players to double their potential winnings by two.

·       Rollover Reloads – a chance to have another shot at a big rollover jackpot, regardless of whether there has been a top tier winner the week before.

·       BOGOF deals and discounts – a huge range of ways to give you more lotto lines for less.


Betting on the lottery is no different to buying a ticket online, in fact it isn't much different to buying a ticket over the counter, you just miss out the queues and getting soaked heading down to the post office.

You still choose your numbers as before, meaning you can still use your lucky selection. You then choose how many weeks you want to enter, then you choose whether to enable one of Lottoland's exclusive features before placing your bet.

The only difference is you aren't entering the main draw, but when you're able to win the same jackpot for 50c less, does it really matter where the money comes from?!


Why pay €2.50 when you could save yourself 50c, and be in with a chance of winning exactly the same jackpot?

Head over to Lottoland and you could win the EuroMillions jackpot for the old price of €2.00.