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4 Lottery Syndicate Tips For Success


Syndicate friends

We have already talked about the numerous advantages playing the lottery in a syndicate offers lottery players. Here is a short list of them (again) in case you are still not sure if lottery syndicate is your thing:

1. It greatly improves your odds of winning – once you enter a syndicate, your chances to win hit the roof. What’s more, one in every 4 lottery wins is won by a syndicate!

2. It helps you keep your lottery-playing costs low – as a part of a lottery syndicate, you don’t have to pay the full price of a lottery ticket. You only buy a part of it (depending on how many people are there in your syndicate). For example, if you are in a syndicate of 10 lottery players and each one chips in £1 per draw, that’s £10 per draw, or 4 EuroMillions lottery tickets for less than half the price of one!

3. The fun factor – playing the lottery in a syndicate of family, friends or colleagues, is lots of fun and offers some great ways for all of you to enjoy your favorite lottery games together.

In order for a lottery syndicate to succeed, however, you (and all other syndicate members) have to follow some simple ground rules. Here are 4 lottery syndicate tips for success:

1. Put everything in writing

In order for a lottery syndicate to succeed, it has to follow certain rules (which are better put in writing). You can find many written lottery syndicate agreements online that you can directly download and print or you can use them as guidelines and create a personalized agreement that is specific to your lottery syndicate needs.

2. Play as a team

Much like a sports team or a team of co-workers, a lottery syndicate should accept its members as teammates. This means that nobody should allow secrets to be whispered and problems to be buried. Every problem should be addressed in the presence of all syndicate members and trust should not be an issue if success is what you all are there for.

3. Meet on a regular basis

For a team to work together efficiently, regular meetings should be held at certain time intervals. This applies both to sports teams and office teams (as well as to lottery syndicates). It would be best if these meetings are included in the written agreement so every new lottery syndicate member knows what they are and when they take place. You certainly don’t have to schedule everyday meetings but an occasional (mandatory) one is a great way for everybody to set their watches right and make the syndicate goals clear.

4. Come up with a reward/punishment system

Let’s say you have scheduled a lottery syndicate meeting that is conformable to everybody’s personal and business schedules and still half of the members don’t show up. What happens is the rest of the syndicate members cannot decide on behalf of the missing ones and, in the end, the meeting loses its sense altogether? You should come up with a system that clearly says how members that don’t show up should be penalized (e.g., they won’t be playing in the next lottery draw). This way, everybody will know that there are rules that have to be followed, causing everybody less stress and disappointment.

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