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Would you quit your job if you won the jackpot?

What's one of first decisions all lottery winners needs to make? You got it: Whether or not to keep working - even if you have enough money to retire on your own private island, leaving the workplace may not be the right choice for everyone. So, what would you do?

This may shock you. There is a new research out that suggests that most people would actually stick with their job, even if they picked up a jackpot.

The new study from CareerBuilder shows that about half of the workers surveyed would stay at their job, even though they no longer had a financial need to do so.

But why? What would the main reason for staying at a job even though you don't need the paycheck? Well, the study suggests money isn't everything.

The most common reasons workers would stick with their jobs were reported as following in the survey:

  • If I did not work I would get bored - 77%
  • A job gives me a sense of purpose - 76%
  • I want further financial security - 42%
  • I would miss my work mates - 23%

But all of us are not as ambitious as the ones above. Just about half of the workers in the research said they actually would quit their job if they won. When asked in what manner they would quit, these were the most common answers:

  • Give two weeks notice or more time if a replacement was needed - 48%
  • Give two weeks notice and leave after two weeks - 31%
  • Resign the same day. No notice - 13%
  • Tell off the boss and air all grievances - 3%
  • Not show up to work next morning without formally quitting - 2%

So what would you do if you won the jackpot? Perhaps you already are a lottery winner?

You should check out our results page if you recently played on EuroMillions. The result in the draw last draw, held on 1 August, gave the following winning numbers: 24, 44, 46, 48, 58 and the Stars 5 and 10.

The draw resulted in a jackpot rollover, which means you can pick up a jackpot of £17 million on Tuesday 5 August.

Good luck in the next draw!

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