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The Worries Of The Rich


Worried rich man

Becoming a millionaire. Getting rich overnight.

That’s what we’re all after when playing the lottery. But does it necessarily mean that the heaps of money will make your worries just go away? Well, maybe you won’t think about problems like paying the rent, losing your job, falling into serious debt or filling your fridge, but, as you'll see being rich does not equal being worry-free either. 

It turns out that money goes hand in hand with a whole bunch of new problems you haven’t even thought existed before you became rich. Things like becoming a target for lawsuits, or being cheated by the financial advisors you’re paying to take care of your fortune are just a few of the problems that may keep you awake at night even though you sleep on the most expensive and oh-so-soft pillow ever.

Here are the most common worries of the rich:

Identity Theft

For us the movie classic Trading Places is a comedy, for the rich it's a horror story. Research shows that about 74% of the richest people on earth (possessing more than $20 million) are concerned about identity theft. Who would blame them? Last time I checked there was not a single person wanting to steal the identity of a working mother who has already maxed out her credit card through Amazon Prime… ;)

Work/Life Balance

People who have a lot of money will tell you that money, contrary to popular belief, does not take care of itself. What’s more, it takes a lot of time and effort to keep track of your money and make sure it is well taken care of. Besides this, you have to find a healthy balance between your finances and your family, while also teaching your children the right attitude towards money. What with all the tragic tales of young people who get overwhelmed by the power of money, it’s no wonder that about 38% of the richest people worry about how to teach their children to manage money.

The Loves Me/Loves Me Not Dilemma

Once you become rich, you start wondering whether your friends and your spouse are there because of you or because of your money. That’s something a working or middle class person need bother about. Living with the grain of doubt whether your closest people love you or your wallet doesn’t look like a great perspective for me. What’s even worse, you may never find out what the true story is is unless you get divorced and lose a small fortune (76.4% of people with a net worth of more than $20 million are afraid that a family conflict may result in substantial loss of money).

Health Concerns

Will an apple a day keep the doctor away? Having a lot of money means a really nice lifestyle full of high quality food, cruises, vacations to the most exotic places on earth, numerous first class parties, etc. You easily get accustomed to this way of life and you want to live it for as long as possible. That’s why the concern about your health follows you on your every step (be it a step in your private jet).

So, feeling sympathetic, or would you still rather find out what these "problems" feel like for yourself? Well tonight's jackpot is worth £17 million, so why not take that chance to find out if it's really so tough at the top after all by playing EuroMillions online