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Living On An Island (The Top 3 Islands To Live On)


Hawaiian Sunset

When most people think about their dream holiday it usually involves lying on a beach someplace warm and exotic. Somewhere tropical, somewhere remote, somewhere secluded – like a tropical island…

As a lottery winner such fantasies can easily become reality allowing you to enjoy a stress-free life on an island with all the extras that go with it – warm sunshine, vast areas of sandy beaches, seafood that’s not only fresh, but also cheap (not that you can’t afford to pay for it). Instead of rushing to be on time you can enjoy a timeless experience full of sun and leisurely walks on the beach…

In case you are (just like me) a huge fan of the island way of life and you’ve just hit the jackpot (unlike me), read on to find out more about the top 3 islands to live on:

Hawaii's Big Island

Ask anyone to think of an island paradise and, after a matter of nanoseconds from the back of their mind a voice will go, "Aloha!" Hawaii is your typical island paradise; warm, welcoming and breathtakingly beautiful. Then there's "Hawaiian Time", which is less concerned with hours and minutes and only cares about how high the sun is in the sky.

New Zealand

Thanks to Kiwi Peter Jackson and his Lord of the Rings movies New Zealand is currently one of the world's hottest places to film movies. Why? Because of its stunning scenery and rich variety of landscapes. From grassy hills to tropical forests, snowcapped mountains to sandy beaches – New Zealand has it all. Add to that all the fresh air, delicious cuisine, fun activities to try and adventures to be had and it makes for a very tempting package indeed. Lastly, the people are also extremely friendly and laid back – provided you're not meeting them on the rugby pitch!


Words often fail when trying to convey the luxury and beauty of the Bahamas, but thankfully we've got some verse for you which conveys it perfectly:

The Island of June

If you’re feeling the need of real relaxation,

In a climate that’s lazy, a perfect vacation,

Away from the snow and the slush that annoys you,

Away from the worries and cares that destroy you,

Try Nassau, the Island of June.

There are bluest of seas at your door to enthrall you,

With no sudden temperature changes to gall you,

And laziness comes on you, quietly stealing

Along with a cheerful, a ‘world’s all right’ feeling,

In Nassau, the Island of June.

-‘A Song of Nassau” by Fred Winslow Rust

Paradise Awaits

Which island would you want to live on if you hit the next big Euromillions jackpot? With Storm Desmond having battered Britain I'm sure you're not the only one looking up at a grey sky and dreaming of somewhere warm and sunny. Tomorrow night could well be your chance to make those dreams come true with a EuroMillions jackpot of £36 million!