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EuroMillions in June – Things Are Heating Up!


June 5th EuroMillions

Don't you just love British summers? The Met Office have recently released weather bulletins with flood warnings in effect in Scotland and Wales. Luckily EuroMillions have also released more inspiring news – there's a Superdraw on Friday June 5th!

In other words, ignore the weather – because things are heating up!

Countdown To The Superdraw

Last Tuesday's EuroMillions jackpot was €21 million – not a huge amount by EuroMillions standards, but certainly more than the jackpots of most of the participating country's national lotteries including the UK, Ireland and so on.

Plus, let's be frank; €21 million (which, at present comes to about £15.46 million) is nothing to be sneezed at. It's a life-changing amount and no mistake. Enough to take care of yourself and your loved ones for life. Not only could you afford to pay off your mortgage you could also invest in whole property portfolio, buying them all cash in hand. You could get yourself a smarmy sportscar, one for every day of the week, or go on a luxury holiday – for the rest of your life. That's the kind of money that lets you do all the things you've ever wanted to do and ensure that you'll never want for anything.

Although the jackpot wasn't won this time around there were still plenty of lower tier prizes – the big wins we tend to forget because we're so focussed on jackpots.

Two lucky winners managed to win the second tier prize making them both €510,830 (approx. £376,232) richer, and another won the third prize of €68,100 (approx. £50,156).

And of course for those who do focus squarely on the jackpots (and indeed why shouldn't you!) there's a massive silver lining. Tomorrow night is the much-awaited Superdraw, where the jackpot is raised to €100 million, or £72 million!

Time Is Ticking…

There's only hours to go before the Superdraw – have you got your ticket yet?

Don't do what so many others do and wait until the last minute. Do you really want to deal with Friday evening rush hour traffic and try to buy a ticket on Superdraw night? This, don't forget, is the night when everyone and their uncle, even the ones who don't normally play the lottery, will be out in force trying to buy their tickets in time?

It's hassle.

C'mon – who needs that stress when you can just play online and enjoy some TGIF drinks after work instead?

The last two wins went to Portugal – and congratulations to them – but it's time for some other country to get a taste of the wealth for a change! We really hope that person is you.

Seriously, you're still here? What are you waiting for! Pick your EuroMillion Superdraw tickets online now!