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The Most Expensive Men’s Accessories


Man Tie

Can you believe that men have their secret obsession about accessories? It may sound unbelievable to you, but not only do men keep up with the latest fashion accessories, but they are also ready to spend tons of money with enthusiasm in order to look sensationally. Choosing the right accessories is equally important to men as choosing the right color of socks that will match their shoes. In other words, standing out from the crowd requires some sound investment. Nowadays it is not enough just to be shaven and neatly dressed. You also need to accessorize – big time!

Here are our favorite (and most expensive) men’s accessories – they wouldn’t be a problem for you to buy in case you end up being the next EuroMillions’ jackpot winner!

The Gucci diamond belt

If you are a jeans and T-shirt guy, I strongly recommend that you change your style. Believe me, it is worth it, even if it is just to put this stunning Gucci diamond belt around your waist. The magnificent buckle is made of 250 grams platinum and studded with diamonds weighing 30 carats. This whole ensemble shapes up the Gucci logo. The price of the belt is estimated at around $257,000. You can be sure that you will never button your jacket with this piece of masterpiece on your trousers.

You always want to be on time – then don’t take off your Bing Bang watch

Have you heard that time is money? Yes, (literally) with this Bing Bang watch, you need to spend the humble amount of 2.8 million dollars just to enjoy the privilege of checking the clock. 637 brilliant Baguette diamonds decorate this watch and the rose cut diamond in the crown will poke your eyes. It is unbelievable how much money men are ready to spend just to be on time.

Satya gold and diamond necktie

In order to demonstrate class and style, it is important to realize that the necktie is the deal closer. The wrong color of the tie can throw you in the gutter. Of course, this can never happen if you decorate your neck with the Satya gold and diamond necktie. It is designed of pure silk, and you can see the gold threads weaved into it. Because, glamour. As an addition to this glamorous piece of jewel, there are the 261 breathtaking diamonds with total weight of 77 karats. It will cost you $223,000, but every penny is worthwhile for this exquisite accessory. Now you just have to find the right events to attend in it…

In the light of the above enlisted most expensive men’s accessories, it is important to realize that wearing costly items is something that can contribute to your style and lift up your class. At the same time, your attitude is what will demonstrate your presence in society. Anyone can get dressed up for success, but choosing the right accessories is what will genuinely make you stand out among all. So be brave and invest in some remarkable accessories, they will pay back sufficiently.