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20.03.2018 - Tuesday

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EuroMillions Super Draw – November 6th, 2015


EuroMillions Superdraw coming in November

Breaking news! The date has been set for the next EuroMillions Super Draw where players compete to win a massive EuroMillions jackpot worth €100 million, or approximately £73.5 million! 

EuroMillions is enjoyed by more players than any other lottery in Europe – it truly is Europe's favourite lottery.

And whenever a Superdraw comes along, which only happens a handful of times each year, it becomes more popular than ever!

This is when the jackpot is increased to €100 million, and, as often happens, this jackpot can roll over to staggeringly large amounts!

The best part is that the next jackpot is only a matter of weeks away. Friday November 6th, that's the date to put in your calendar. Or better yet you can bet on the results now, so you don’t have to wait, and win the full amount should you guess the winning numbers by playing at Lottoland.

Here's how:

And that's it!

Of course, even with so many players clamouring to win the Superdraw chances are still strong that the jackpot won't be won the first time out, so hunt it down using Lottoland's nifty JackpotHunt feature – just click inside the "Hunt" radio button and you'll be entered into each bi-weekly draw until that massive Superdraw jackpot has been won!

Don't miss your chance to win €100 million or more - play EuroMillions online now!