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Retford lottery syndicate served EuroMillions windfall


Kitchen staff won big on the lotto

It turns out nine canteen staff from a Retford preparatory school have been served a jackpot after dishing out on some EuroMillions tickets as part of a lottery syndicate.

The school kitchen staffers have played the lottery together for 12 years. This is the first time they bring home the bacon as they have previously failed to win big. But their windfall should be a carrot big enough for them to continue playing. The syndicate scooped up a cool £100,000 after matching five numbers and one lucky star in the draw of April 11th.

The group all consists of ladies working at Worksop College and each of them will receive around £11,000 each after splitting the win. They now plan on taking a trip to London together, a vacation well earned.

Here is some food for thought. Playing in a lottery syndicate can help you increase your chances of winning a jackpot or any other big win. If you group together with a few friends at work, you can increase the numbers of tickets you buy. Admittedly, you will receive a smaller piece of the cake if you win - but for many that hardly matters if you pocket a EuroMillions jackpot worth millions of pounds.

Keep in mind that it is important to draw up some basic rules before you start playing with your syndicate. How will you split the win? What happens if someone is home sick on the day you normally buy the tickets? Who and when is responsible for collecting the win?

Get your friends, co-workers or family together and try to hit the jackpot in the next draw of EuroMillions!