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Pub landlord picks up £1m on Friday 13th


Pub landlord wins £1m on Friday the 13th

Nigel Willetts had some extraordinary luck on the day of bad luck. The pub landlord splashed out £20 on tickets on Friday 13th and picked up a major win in the following draw.

The 48 year old knowingly chose to play on the day of bad luck and of all the participants he came out the only winner of £1m.

The win came just one week after the death of his stepfather Fred Gill.

Willetts picked up his winning ticket in his local Tesco. He was shaking when he returned the winning ticket to the store clerk to confirm he was a winner, saying that, ?he had to hear it from someone else.?

He chose to celebrate his win at his pub, Bridgend Inn at Bedwas, South Wales, together with pub regulars and his partner Jane Whittingham. The couple have been together for three years.

The winner now plans to pay off the mortgage and invest in his pub. He also hopes to buy a new car and splash out on a nice holiday for him and his family.

In Western culture, Friday the 13th is traditionally considered a day of bad luck. It occurs whenever the 13th day of a month falls on a Friday.

Unlike Willetts, many people have a natural fear of the day. Some people avoid certain activities like doing business or flying on Friday 13th.

The US Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute estimated that between $800 or $900 million was lost in business on this day.

The institute also reported that some Americans were so paralysed by fear on this specific date that they simply refused to get out of bed.

Some have traced the origins to Friday 13th to Norse folklore. In this myth, the 12 gods of Valhalla are having a dinner party. When the evil god Loki shows up as the 13th guest and manipulates Hoder - the blind god of darkness - to shoot Balder, the god of joy.

According to the myth, the Earth turned dark after that and ever since, number 13 has been connected to bad luck.