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23. March 2018

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20.03.2018 - Tuesday

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Who Forgets A Million Pounds?



If you won a million pounds would you forget to collect it? Someone from North Devon did. The player managed to win a prize worth £1 million but never came forward to claim it. Now the designated time to collect the prize has elapsed.

Millions in Unclaimed Prizes

Why the winner never came forward we don't know – did the winner not realise he/she was a winner, is he/she travelling abroad, was the ticket lost? The mystery may never be solved.

One would think that such stories are rare, but they actually crop up quite frequently. We had an example back in 2013 when a £12 million prize went uncollected and again in 2012 when someone seemingly passed up the chance of collecting a massive £63.8 million!

It's not just in the UK, either, such as the American man from the state of Connecticut who, beset with family illnesses and other issues, apparently just forgot to collect his lottery win of $5.3 million back in 1995.

Check Your Tickets Now!

You might be a millionaire too, and not even know it. Or, at the very least you might have some lottery tickets lying around that are actually winners. It's not just the big prizes that go unclaimed – millions worth of small prizes also remain uncollected, and you might even have one yourself. Maybe it' in the glove box of your car, or in that drawer of random stuff in the corner of your kitchen – wherever you might have put them, now's the time to have a rummage, dig those tickets out and run them through our number checker.

Or Better Still…

…Forget buying lottery tickets in the first place. Everything's online these days and lotteries are no exception. If you sign up with Lottoland you don't ever need to worry about loosing or misplacing tickets ever again. No need to check the numbers either, since everything's done automatically – and if you win you'll know straight away!

Best of all, as a new player your first lottery line is free, so who knows, you might even manage to scoop this Friday's massive £34 million EuroMillions jackpot for free!