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EuroMillions Superdraw – Friday 5th June 2015


EuroMillions Superdraw June 5th 2015

Never mind that cheesy EuroVision song contest. We never win it anymore and it's all just too weird these days. Besides, it's all a fix. And Terry Wogan agrees – and who wants to argue with Wogan?

Besides there's a far more exciting European contest coming up that's a million times more exciting – actually, let's be specific, it's a hundred million times more exciting!

Get Ready – There's Another Superdraw Coming!

It's only really been couple of months since the last round of excitement and, now that summer's finally upon us we can celebrate further as there's another Superdraw on the way!

The date has just been announced – Friday 5th of June.

So in just 17 days – just three Fridays from now – we'll have the second EuroMillions Superdraw of the year with a guaranteed jackpot of €100 million!

A Portuguese Hat Trick?

The last two Superdraw jackpots were won by players in Portugal. In the last Superdraw, on March 6th this year, a lucky winner (or winners) from the town of Felguieras in Portugal scooped €100 million. (Though Britain did extremely well in terms of non-jackpot wins.)

The previous Superdraw to that was held on the 3rd of October 2014. Here the jackpot was not won straight away. Instead it rolled over to the max of €190 million before being won by an anonymous player (or players) from Castelo Branco prompting massive celebrations in the town.

This massive win was, in fact, one of the biggest ever in EuroMillions history. By rights it should be tied for first place with British winners Adrian and Gillian Bayford, however unlike the UK and the majority of EU countries, the Portuguese taxman insists on taking 20% of all lottery winnings.

So, although Portugal might be the third luckiest EuroMillions country by wins, the last two winners had to cough up €20 million and €38 million respectively for, well, nothing basically – ouch!

Indeed the greedy taxman's cut was larger than most European national lottery jackpots! Putting both together you've got €58 million (£41.5 million approx.) enough to buy Mister Taxman a nice super yacht!

It's the same story in neighbouring Spain, the second luckiest EuroMillions country. In last June's Superdraw a Spanish ticket won €137 million though once again the taxman got 20%!

So, although the UK may be forth on the luckiest leader board, after Portugal and Spain, its winners don't have to pay a whopping chunk of money to the government for no reason.

Plus, what we lack in quantity we more than make up in quality – Britain enjoys the distinction of having two of the top five biggest winners of all time, the Bayfords and the Weirs.

Forget The 'Vision – Go For The Millions!

Personally I'd rather be stuck in a caravan with Graham Norton in the middle of a screeching competition than endure the extended carnaval de fromage that is the EuroVision Song Contest. We know we're not going to win anyway and whoever does win the reaction will always be the same – that one?! Are you KIDDING me?!

EuroMillions? Now that's a different thing entirely! For one thing, like I said earlier – there's 100 million more reasons why we should care. For another, statistically speaking, it's far more likely that the winner will be British and not, for example, Australian.

Finally, unlike the EuroVision, you don't need to wait until the night of the event itself. You can beat the queues and pick your numbers well in advance by playing online at Lottoland and choosing the Superdraw date. In fact you can even "hunt" the jackpot by playing automatically each week until it's won. So, for just two quid you could be £71.5 million richer – at the very least! Could well be the best £2 you ever spent in your life!

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