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Happy New Year From EuroMillions


New Years Celebrations Europe

Happy New Year everyone! As the champagne hangovers fade and the Christmas decorations get taken down taking us back to the winter grey it can make things appear somewhat dreary for a while. Still, don't worry we've got plenty of excitement ahead of us thanks to EuroMillions! 

EuroMillions In 2015

2015 was a huge year for EuroMillions with three Superdraws – in March, June and November.

2015 was the year that Portugal's knack for winning big on EuroMillions had us asking "what's the deal with Portugal?"

2014 ended with a Portuguese player tied with the Bayfords for the biggest jackpot of all time (€190 million) and then, on the first Superdraw of the year another Portuguese winner won €100 million (approx. £74.4 million) in March.

Portugal's hat trick hopes were dashed however when Britain bounced back during June's summer Superdraw as one anonymous player won £93 million.

But, come November, another Superdraw win for Portugal, the third Superdraw win for the country in just over a year, worth €163.5 million, or approx. £113 million!

Still, our favourite story of the year occurred closer to home, the story of Ruby, the lucky Labrador who, using her Lassie-sense, helped her owners find a lottery ticket resulting in a £300,000 win for her owners! Good doggie!

EuroMillions in 2016

EuroMillions will be doing its best to top last year, so expect big events and, as ever, be sure to check our EuroMillions Superdraw page for announcements.

In the meantime, if the post-Christmas blues are getting you down we've got you covered – play this Friday's EuroMillions for a jackpot of £44 million!